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Every good load cell & torque transducer requires good instrumentation.

Our indicators and signal conditioners offer a wide range of options to provide you with exactly the information you need. Signal conditioning modules are used to provide excitation to the cells, powering the strain gages and taking the output signal from the cell and sending it on to a data acquisition system, display, relays or other devices to view or process the information in rail mount or in line. We have available low voltage units specifically designed for the automotive industry that can handle down to a 9V supply. 

Instruments/Signal Conditioners
Every good load cell & torque transducer requires a good instrument or signal conditioner to take advantage of the accuracy inherent in the cell. Interface offers a complete range of instruments and signal conditioners for most applications. The advantage of purchasing the Interface load cell or torque transducer and instrument or signal conditioner together is that they can be preprogrammed and/or calibrated for the specific load cells or torque transducers for which they are to be used. All Interface instruments and signal conditioners provide excitation to the cells, powering the strain gages. Installation time is significantly reduced. Interface also recommends that the cable accessory be purchase saving further time.

Signal Conditioners
The signal conditioners take the output signal from the load cells and send it to a data acquisition system in the form of an analog 4 to 20 mA or volts signal. Selection of the signal conditioner will depend on whether it is preferable to have it internal or external to the load cell, output desired, available power source and whether intrinsic safety is required.

Interface instruments are self-contained and provide a display as well as an available output to a computer and or data acquisition system. The instrument is readily programmed from the front panel and can be set up to read in lbs, newtons, or kilograms of force. The key factors in selecting the right instrument are speed and accuracy. Most Interface instruments include a shunt calibration feature, which permits the instrument to be calibrated based on a known force provided on the Interface calibration certificate.

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Digital, Environmentally Protected
480 Bidirectional Weight Indicator
Millivolt to Analog Converter
500 In-Line Signal Conditioner
Digital, Hand Held, Battery Powered, TEDS Ready
9320 Portable Load Cell Indicator
Portable Display
9330 High Speed Data Logger
Battery Powered
9390 Weight Indicator
General Purpose
9820 Load Cell Indicator
Digital, Intelligent
9840 Load Cell Indicator
Digital, Multi-Channel
9850 Torque & Load Cell Indicator
Data Acquisition System
BX8 8-Channel Amplifier System
In-Line Load Cell Amplifier
CSC & LCSC-OEM Inline Signal Conditioners
Millivolt to Analog Converter
DCA Vehicle Signal Conditioner
USB Output Module
Fast USB Output Module
DIN Rail Mount
DMA2 Signal Conditioner
4 Channel Summing Capability
JB104SS Stainless Steel Junction Box
Load Cell Test Instrument
LCT-1 Ultimate
AC/DC Powered Millivolt to Analog Converter
SGA Signal Conditioner
Wireless Load Cell Readout And Data Acquisition
Wireless Telemetry System (WTS) for Load Cells and Torque Transducers