DIG-USB-F Fast USB Output Module

Fast PC Interface Module

  • Up to 4,800 samples / second
  • 13-bit noise-free resolution
  • Extremely low temperature drift
  • Simple USB ‘Plug and Measure’ device connects directly to a PC
  • Powers up to four 350 ohm load cells
  • Works with mV/V force and torque transducer
  • Rugged ABS IP50 enclosure (DIG-USB)
  • Includes configuration, calibration, graphing, logging and display software
  • Peak, valley recording, and monitoring
  • OEM PCB version available
  • Windows driver DLLs available


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DIG-USB-F Fast Output Module

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Product Downloads

  • Data Sheet
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manual
  • Software

The DIG-USB-F product is a compact, high-precision Strain Gauge Converter; converting a strain gauge sensor input to a digital output and is connected to a PC via a USB port. This product allows high precision measurements to be made and communicated directly to a PC and is aimed at applications which require high-accuracy measurement repeatability. With the appropriate drivers installed, the DIG-USB-F appears as a virtual serial port to the PC.

Simply by plugging the device into a PC, data can be extracted from most strain gage bridge input sensors and acquired by software which allows data manipulation removing the need for amplifiers, filters & multi-meters.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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