Interface is a top pick for original equipment manufacturers, as we are an OEM that designs, engineers, builds, and tests the world’s leading force measurement solutions.

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Whether an OEM is looking for a uniquely designed precision load cell, torque transducer, multi-axis sensor, or miniature load cell, Interface has the capability and capacity to deliver. Specifications that are unique to a proprietary component is what we specialize in through our OEM solutions team. We also assist with creating customized load pins, tension links, load shackles and instrumentation.

Interface is the partner you can trust to develop and manufacture the precise standards that are needed for every element we build that is essential in your application. We are experts in engineering Interface products for OEMs to sell as a stand-alone product or component within a product.

We provide a range of products, services, and design capabilities in supporting OEM solutions, by designing and building custom solutions to fit your requirements, including:

Products Requiring Sensor Technology Components
Sensors Utilized to Measure Force, Weight or Torque
Management of Test and Measurement Processes and Protocols
Safety Requirements or Certifications for Quality
Precision Performance Requirements and Testing

Our team is an extension to your team members, from product designers to test engineers. Working together to get you exactly what you need. Throughout the entire process, from specification and design, to production and shipment- communication for your needs is our top priority. Our dedicated OEM team partners with our customers in engineering create solutions that are high quality, high performance, efficient, and affordable. Your success is our success. Interface takes on the role of your extended:

Supply Chain Manager for Interface Parts Integrator
Design House Sharing Drawings and Specs
Product Engineer, Designer, and Developer Resources
Product Manager to Oversee Design and Build
Production Team Members

Flexibility, dedicated resources, expertise, and OEM knowledge are key to our achievements in the limitless industries that are in need for OEM solutions from the best in sensor technologies, strain gages and customized components. We service many industries with OEM solutions, including:

Aerospace and Defense Contractors
Robotics and Industrial Automation Makers
Transportation Vehicles and Automotive Equipment
Medical and Healthcare Devices
Power, Energy & Mining Suppliers
Computers & Electronic Technology Hardware Companies
Agriculture Heavy Equipment and Materials
Maritime Industry Sources
Infrastructure Projects and Suppliers

Ready to get started? It’s never too early to start the conversations on how Interface can provide you a uniquely designed, reliable, accurate sensor technology that fits your exact requirements. Contact us today and let us know what you have in mind. We are ready to help.