Interface provides a variety of all types of sensors, including load cells, tension links, load shackles, wireless instrumentation and more.

As a complete solutions provider, we have a variety of force measurement products that are designed for harsh environments and submersible applications. Our Interface expert engineers can help you design customizable solutions for all types of applications using our products designed for offshore, underwater and splash zone locations.

Interface load cells, wireless load pins, tension shackles, and tension links can be paired with our wireless telemetry systems (WTS) for long distance tension testing, load testing, rigging inspections, and more.

Our load cells and sensors can wirelessly transmit data through underwater applications and harsh weather conditions. These load cells can survive through underwater submersions at different capacities, and still be able to relay information to those at the surface level. Interface load cells can regulate harsh maritime situations such as underwater tension lines, underwater oil drilling, as well as storm and tsunami monitoring.

Our wireless load pins, load shackles and tension links are ideal for sea applications. These products must be paired with our different wireless sensor transmitters, receivers, and handheld displays. Our Wireless Crosby Bow Load Shackles are used for mooring line tension testing and rigging inspections. Our load shackles are also inter-changeable with our WTSTL Wireless Tension Link Load Cell. The WTS-BS-4 Wireless Industrial USB Base Station is a popular transmitter that gives outstanding coverage and can be easily paired with one of our handheld displays such as the WTS-BS-1-HA Wireless Handheld Display for Multiple Transmitters or the WTS-BS-1-HS Wireless Handheld for Single Transmitters.

Our custom solutions team will work alongside you to create the most effective and efficient solution based on your needs.

Look at our Maritime Application Notes to see how we can help you.


  • Mooring Tension Lines
  • Oil Exploration & Drilling
  • Energy Apparatus and Platforms
  • Cranes and Tension Lines
  • Shipping Rigs and Docks
  • Structural Waterways
  • Bridges
  • Above Water and Underwater Craft
  • Ship Towing and Hoisting