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Customer Need / Challenge
Customer wants to regulate the maximum amount of heavy loads being lifted, so that production time can be both safe for workers and efficient. The customer wants to complete lifting duties faster and with little or no expense. A wireless solution is preferred, so that there would be no long cable interference during production.

Interface Solution
With Interface’s WTSLP Wireless Stainless Steel Load Pin, this product can be custom made to be used for any and all types of cranes. It is also great for lifting both short and long distances. Paired with the WTS Wireless Telemetry System, force is measured and logged.

Customer was able to monitor the continuous force from the crane, and gather information on loads being lifted. Data is transmitted and logged to the customer’s PC/laptop and is available to be reviewed.

  • WTSLP Wireless Load Pin
  • WTS-BS-4 Industrial USB Base Station
  • WTS-BS-1-HS Wireless Handheld Display for Single Transmitters
  • WTS Toolkit Software & Log100 Software Included
  • Customer PC or Laptop
  1. The WTSLP Wireless Load Pin is installed at the turning block of the crane.
  2. WTS-BS-4 Industrial USB Base Station is connected to the customers PC Computer/laptop via USB port. The WTSLP can wirelessly transmit information up to 600 meters in distance to both the laptop or the WTS-BS-1-HS Wireless Handheld Display for single transmitters.
  3. The USB Base Station receives force measurements, and the data is logged onto the laptop computer.>