At Interface we unquestionably produce the highest quality precision load cell and torque transducer products in the industry. To demonstrate, our application engineers are experts in Aircraft, Spacecraft, MilitaryOilGasMedical, Test and Measurement, AutomationAutomobile, and more. Additionally we work with you to find the perfect solution for your application.

We offer 2-DAY SHIPPING QS48® on Precision Load Cells, Torque Transducers, and Instrumentation.

Our extensive inventory of over 200 of our highest demand products are readily available. For quick delivery they ship from our Scottsdale, AZ manufacturing plant. For this reason, Load Cells, Mini Load Cells, Torque Transducers, Multi-Axis Sensors, Indicators, and Signal Conditioners are on hand.

Whatever the need we can meet your force measurement solution in 48 hours!

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Force Measurement Solutions

Aerospace Solutions: We provide load cells for applications such as structural testing of aircraft and rocket thrust testing for the world’s most respected aerospace companies.

Automotive and Vehicle Solutions: Our rotary torque transducers can measure the torque transferred to the vehicles drive train and a number of different dynamometers to improve a vehicles performance.

EducationInterface manufacturers the #1 force measurement solutions in the world for those pathfinders and explorers, whether they are creating autonomous vehicles, advanced surgical robotics, new rockets or the world’s biggest telescopes – we help do big things! That is why we are introducing the Interface University Program to advance and spark more innovation!

Energy (Oil and Gas Solutions): We have the ability to test load cells under pressure (up to 30,000 psi) as well as high temperatures up to 500 degrees F therefore, we’re perfect for your petroleum exploration applications.

Industrial Automation Solutions (Factory Automation): Our load cells are used to increase efficiency, accuracy and measurement in the automated production processes including construction, bridgescandy stamping, and fatigue testing.

Medical and Healthcare Solutions: Our miniatures are the most accurate mini load cells and because of this they can measure medium to small forces. Our torque transducers provide rotary and reactive measurement for movement tracking, blood weighing, robotic surgery, eye surgery, and prosthetic testing.

Test and Measurement Solutions: We provide manufacturers with our Ultra Low Capacity (ULC) or 1200 series LowProfile™ load cell when they need the most accurate gram capacity or up to 2,000,000 lbf.

Calibration and Repair experts

Our calibration and repair services are unsurpassed delivering industry-leading accuracy and performance. At the same time, we also service sensors from all of our competitor’s products.

Do you have a load cell, load pin, torque transducer, rod-end cell, tension link, or crane scale in need of calibration or repair? Contact us soon!

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The creation of this instructional guide was driven by a statement in Interface’s mission to always go above and beyond. We believe this informative reference is a helpful resource from the company that is recognized as pioneers in force measurement and load cell design and manufacturing.

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The Mirror Lab

We are and have always been committed the advancements of science and innovation. For this purpose our founder, Richard Caris, provided Interface® technology and substantial sponsorship to the University of Arizona’s Richard F. Caris Mirror Laboratory. In fact, prestigious clients such as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and the US Air Force Starfire are all using the mirrors developed in this lab.

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