Interface provides a variety of all types of sensors, including load cells, tension links, load shackles, wireless instrumentation and more.

Sensors for Industrial Automation and equipment often perform specific tasks or processes that require custom solutions. With more than 50 years of experience in load cell design and other force measurement solutions, Interface works with manufacturing leaders to design the solutions that will meet solve their industrial automation challenges.

Since 1968, Interface has been the trusted world leader in force measurement solutions. From using miniature load cells to apply the exact force needed to press a design on a candy shell, to verifying accuracy of intricately machined parts using multi-axis sensors, we’ve provided sensors for industrial automation solutions to thousands of customers using in-stock or custom application-specific sensors. All Interface load cells use our proprietary alloy strain gages to produce the most accurate and reliable data possible even in demanding industrial environments.From net weighing to stamp forcing on candy, we have the perfect solution for your automation system whether its a manufacturing facility, production site, or R&D lab. Our products work well in the bottle and package filling along with cranes, hoists and stands.

Our products have been used in a manufacturer environment, for a robotic arm in a packaging plant. The customer wanted to measure the force and torque of the arm when it lifts items, and places them down again. They wanted to ensure the robotic arm was in working order to do the job efficiently and correctly. Interface created a custom solution using our 6A40 6-Axis Load Cell, which was installed at the wrist of the robotic arm. The 6A40 was able to measure all forces and torques (Fx, Fʏ, Fz, Mx, Mʏ, Mz). This load cell was connected to our BX8 8-Channel Data Acquisition System and Amplifier with BlueDAQ Software, where results were displayed, logged, and graphed.

Drones are also an upcoming tool of technology that is being used in many different applications. For drones being used in delivering packages, it is necessary to make sure everything is in working condition so packaged goods can be delivered safely and on time. We used our WMC Sealed Stainless Steel Miniature Load Cells to measure the weight capacity these drones can take. A small shift or uneven weight distribution is possible when in mid air, and the propeller motors of the drone must be able to compensate for it. The WMC’s are installed at the gear legs of the drone, and the drone’s processor. It was able to detect the uneven shifts in weight and communicated these results to the customer.

Interface torque transducers are used to measure torque for putting a cap on a bottle capping and for mixing viscosity.  Reliable measurements that can be reported to the customers system quickly is our forte.