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INDUSTRIES: Industrial Automation


Customer Need / Challenge
Customer needs to use a crane to move heavy construction materials around the work site and need to monitor the weight of these objects as they are lifted.

Interface Solution
Interface Model WTSSHK-B Wireless Load Shackle are connected in crane load string to measure forces. Model WTS-BS-1-HA Battery Powered Handheld Display is used to wirelessly receive load information and display results.

Customer is successfully lifting and reading weight (wirelessly) on a handheld display while material is being relocated.

  • WTSSHK-B Wireless Load Shackle.
  • WTS-BS-1-HA Wireless Handheld Indicator.
    1. Wireless Load Shackle is connected in the load string of the crane.
    2. Customer connects straps to the item that is being lifted and to the load shackle.
    3. WTS-BS-1-HA Battery Powered Handheld Display will wirelessly display force readings from WTSSHK-B Wireless Load Shackle.