Oil, Gas, Wind, Coal, & Solar Applications

Interface force measurement solutions are used in every facet of energy production from research and exploration to monitoring equipment especially our Oil Gas Energy Sensors. Load cells and torque transducers assist oil, gas, wind, coal, solar and emerging energy companies to fuel the world. When our petroleum customers came to us requesting load cells that could withstand up to 30,000 psi and 500°F, we met the challenge with custom application-specific solutions.

Our moment and temperature compensated LowProfile™ load cells use proprietary alloy strain gages to provide the most accurate readings possible in the harshest environments, such as downhole drilling, wirelines, pipelines, and wind turbines.  Interface tests every LowProfile™ load sensor for accuracy and temperature specifications, and moment compensates each unit to minimize sensitivity to extraneous loads. Using eight proprietary strain gages per sensor, our 4mV/V output which exceeds most other load cell performance specifications.

Our torque transducers have been used in instances for windmill energy. A customer wanted to improve their windmill by monitoring the torque being created by the windmills power ramps. Installing our T2 Ultra Precision Shaft Style Rotary Torque Transducer between the windmill propeller and the electric generator of the windmill, it resulted in accurate testing. Shaft Style Torque Transducer Couplings were also installed to ensure stability. This resulted in our customer being able to determine the optimal blade pitch for their windmill, thus being able to generate more energy.

With a variety of load cells, load buttons, force transducers, torque transducers and other Oil Gas Energy Sensors available, our applications engineers can help you design a measurement solution for your energy production needs.

Energy production applications include: