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Customer Need / Challenge

Customer wants to improve the performance of a windmill by adjusting the blade pitch and measuring the torque generated as power ramps are studied.

Interface Solution

Interface Model T2 is coupled between windmill blade propeller and electric generator. Information will be sent to customer’s Data Acquisition System (DAQ).


Customer was able to use torque data to determine the optimal blade pitch for the windmill. The windmill will generate more power and with less stress on the bearings.



Interface Products

  • Model T2 Ultra Precision Rotary Torque Transducer
  • Interface Shaft Style Torque Transducer Couplings

Additional Materials

  • Windmill
  • Customer DAQ
  1. Model T2 Torque Transducer is installed between windmill propeller and electric generator using Interface torque couplings.
  2. Model T2 is connected to customer’s DAQ.
  3. Tests are performed and torque data is logged into customer’s DAQ.
  4. Results are examined by customer and optimal blade pitch is determined.