Interface load cells, load pins, instrumentation, multi-axis sensors and torque transducers are top choices for those engaged in infrastructure projects and testing. Sensors are commonly used in measuring the related hardware used for industry products and structures.

The types of infrastructure projects that Interface has supplied measurement solutions for includes transportation systems, communication structures, water and electrical facilities, and numerous inventions that are used to build, support, and maintain them.

Our Interface expert engineers can help you design customizable force measurement solutions for all types of applications. Our engineers have designed products used for civil infrastructures, such as structural monitoring, vibrational monitoring, load bearing testing, tunnels, bridges, and road construction. The range of projects are broad, so we are highlighting a few below that highlight our capabilities when accuracy, quality and reliability matter in design, testing, construction, and assessing current and limitations for safety requirements.

Interface WTSLP Load Pin and our Wireless Telemetry Systems were used together to monitor the seismic activity for a bridge. The WTS-AM-1E Acquisition Module transmitted measurements to the WTS-BS-4 Industrial USB Base Station, which connected to the customer’s computer to monitor the seismic activity of the bridge during and after earthquakes.

There was also an opportunity to collect the data on rail cars in-motion when they enter a train station. A customer wanted to create their own in house set up using our products. Interface’s load cell Model 2450 was used and connected with the BSC4D-USB Multi-Channel Bridge to run diagnostic tests. Connected to the customer’s computer or laptop, this module was able to run a multiple number of diagnostic tests using our BlueDAQ Software.

Our Wireless Telemetry System (WTS) has been applied to monitoring water levels of dams. Multiple WMC Stainless Sealed Load Cells were can be anchored around the dam, connecting to multiple WTS-AM-1E Wireless Acquisition Modules. The forces of the water are measured, transmitted, and displayed to both the WTS-BS-1-HS Handheld Display for single Transmitters and the WTS-BS-4 USB Industrial Base Station, which is connected to a PC computer or laptop). This solution allows for monitoring if any high flooding occurs for the dam in their control center.

Our custom solutions team will work alongside you to create the most effective and efficient solution based on your infrastructure project, hardware or product testing needs.

Look at our Infrastructure Application Notes to see how we can help you.


  • Load cell and calibration system equipment
  • Transportation Heavy Equipment Testing
  • Road load tests
  • Weight Bridges and Transportation Scales
  • Truck and Aircraft Weighing
  • Conveyer Belts
  • Skyscraper Construction
  • People Movers for Airports
  • Train Brakes Testing
  • Airports
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Telecommunication Structures