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Our Skilled Applications Engineers help solve application solutions all for load, torque, multi-axis and force measurement needs. This additional service will reduce the amount of work you need to perform in your factory or develop your product. We provide you with traceable certification for your records. We offer extensive instruments including signal conditioners, PC interface modules, indicators and data acquisition equipment. Our accessories, such as load buttons, calibration adapters, thread adapters, clevises and rod end bearings assist with connecting and loading your load cell seamlessly. No matter what your solution needs are, the Interface team will share their experience with you to ensure that using our load cell and torque transducer product is easy.

Aerospace: We are known for bringing resolutions to the world’s most respected aerospace companies. When aircrafts, spacecrafts or military defense need to perform critical testing on their products, they choose Interface load cells and torque sensors.

Automotive and Vehicle: Interface load cells are used to test pedal force, automotive suspension, and many other automotive components to ensure they meet product safety and performance standards.

Energy: We have provided our customers in the oil and gas exploration industry a valuable resource. Interface has proven experience in designing force transducers for extreme applications in coil tubing, mooring tension and load pins.

Industrial Automation: We ensure that the cutting force was within specification and supplied the needed feedback signals to the system.  Some other industrial solutions that Interface has participated in include seat testing, stamping force, in-line weighing and heavy equipment to name a few.

Medical and Healthcare: We help researchers accurately track the lightest for movement tracking, for prosthetic testing, surgical stapler force verification, blood separation weighing, robotic surgery, eye surgery and more.

Test and Measurement: Interface Gold Standard Calibration Systems and Calibration Load Frames have been installed into over 300 labs worldwide and are the cornerstone of many accredited labs.

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