Interface Case Study Highlights Testing Labs Requirements for Certainty

Test labs require precision and reliable data across various applications, from complex robotics to heavy-duty machines. Labs require accuracy in measurement data, as it is vital for product quality, safety, and compliance. Labs also need a diverse range of sensors to accommodate different testing needs.

Our latest case study, Ensuring Certainty in Testing Labs with Precision Force Measurement, highlights application examples and details testing lab challenges and Interface solutions.

Labs require a wide range of test and measurement capabilities. They may test delicate medical devices or robust structures that withstand immense forces. Interface offers diverse force measurement solutions to meet these varied needs.

Why Do Labs Prefer Interface Products?

  • Accuracy of measurement
  • Product quality and durability
  • Diverse sensor options for various tests to measure force, torque, and weight
  • Standard, engineered-to-order, and custom products
  • Availability of instrumentation and complete systems
  • Wireless solutions for improved testing flexibility

Regardless of the application, accuracy in performance and output is paramount. This is true for labs, whether they are testing innovative consumer products, measuring the strength of components used in large-scale manufacturing, or providing local calibration lab services. Read more in our Interface and Testing Lab Applications.

Test & Measurement Lab Confirms Aircraft Screwdriver Fastening Control

An airplane manufacturing test lab needed a solution where they could determine the level of torque requirement when fastening screws on their airplane models. They did not want to damage materials or apply too much torque when plane components were being fastened together. Interface’s Model T15 Hex Drive Rotary Torque Transducer was attached to the lab’s fastening workbench, measuring and recording torque, rotational speed, and screwdriver angle. The LWCF Clamping Force Load Cell was installed, measuring the forces applied on the screw being fastened. Results are sent to the SI-USB4 4-channel USB Interface Module, connected to the customer’s computer, where data is logged, graphed, and displayed.

Tensile Testing Lab For 3D Materials

A lab was asked to conduct a tensile force test on different 3D printing materials until failure. The different 3D printing materials tested included PLA, PETG, and ASA to see how they performed. The customer wanted to test the material’s quality, strength, ductility, and stiffness. Interface’s 1200 Standard Precision LowProfile™ Load Cell is installed into the lab’s test frame. The tensile test is conducted, and force results captured by the load cell are synced through the INF-USB3 Universal Serial Bus Single Channel PC Interface Module to display on a computer with the supplied software.

Interface offers a robust line of high-accuracy load cells, torque transducers, multi-axis sensors, and instrumentation. We are a leading supplier for calibration and testing labs globally. Read about more solutions in Testing Labs Choose Interface High Accuracy Products.

With more than 35,000 products in our line, there are many options for testing labs to choose from. Our products are used in labs for:

  • Testing of stress to evaluate the structure of an object or equipment
  • Validating consumer product designs
  • Material testing for hardness, destruction, bending, and fracture
  • Component durability tests
  • Elasticity and strain tests
  • Quality control system configurations
  • Life span and fatigue tests on products and parts
  • Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) stress tests

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help ensure certainty in your testing lab. You can watch Testing Lab Essentials Webinar for more information.

Ensuring Certainty in Testing Labs with Precision Force Measurement