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The Next Generation of Torque Measurement Devices is AxialTQ

This was a big year for Interface’s force measurement solutions at the Automotive Testing Expo held October 23-25, 2018 in Novi, Michigan, just west of Detroit. For it was at this world’s leading trade fair for automotive test, evaluation and quality engineering professionals, that we chose to proudly introduce our innovative AxialTQ™ Torque Measurement System.

As a company with more than 50 years of engineering expertise in force measurement, we were eager to share the details of AxialTQ with the world.  The response we’ve received from show attendees and current customers has been phenomenal. AxialTQ redefines the category of torque measurement systems in terms of function, accuracy and reliability, and it’s a must for anyone working to minimize uncertainty. AxialTQ is specifically designed for the expanding torque measurement needs in the automotive industry, as well as the aerospace and industrial sectors.

At the heart of AxialTQ’s innovation is the rotor and high-precision sensing element technology, which when combined with the electronics component, produces industry-leading accuracy. This product is also fully-customizable due to its ability to use simultaneous analog and digital outputs. It enables real-time control and high accuracy data collection giving the user the best of both worlds. The flexible capability of the stator and output module mounting offers an infinite number of configurations to meet any application need.

AxialTQ was developed in direct collaboration with end-users who shared their wish-lists for operational priorities, user interface, design, features, real-world field issues and more. The unique decision to implement an axial gap, as opposed to the industry standard radial gap, means there is minimized concern that the shaft, rotor, and stator will make contact, significantly reducing the possibility of damaging the system.

Interface’s AxialTQ is available in eight torque capacities and five DIN sizes. Additionally, there will be three accuracy classes, EX, LX and HX. The benefits of each class can be found here.

We believe AxialTQ is critical in helping to address the demand for a more accurate, reliable, customizable and easy-to-use force measurement device, and Interface is proud to be leading the way. To find out more about Interface and AxialTQ, you can connect with us by phone, email or live chat here. We’d love to hear from you.

By Jake Shaffer, senior product manager, Interface