Calibrate with the Force Measurement Experts

Calibration of your force measurement products is critical to continued performance, safety, and compliance.  This is why Interface invests significant dedicated resources to calibration and repair services for tension, compression, system calibrations, ISO 376, and ASTM E74 to ensure our customer’s load cells are always performing at premium accuracy levels.

We complete more than 100,000 NMI traceable calibrations annually including our Certified Gold and Platinum Standard reference load cells. In addition to servicing our quality products, we can provide calibration services for other manufacturer’s load cells, as well as custom calibration services when needed.

The Interface Technical Services team follow strict standards and protocols as defined by our best practices and industry standards.  We are fully ISO 17025 accredited and in combination with more than 50 years of calibration expertise, we are one of the largest and most experienced calibration service providers in the world.

“Interface recommends recalibrations at 12-month intervals. The frequency of your calibration services should ultimately be determined by your accuracy and quality assurance protocols.”  – Michael Cobb, Technical Services at Interface

In our full-service Interface Metrology Lab, we can measure even the smallest shifts in response using any of our 15 dedicated hydraulic standards and five deadweight standards.

Most engineers that work with us are surprised to learn that Interface’s load cells often increase in accuracy over time with standard use. In fact, historical data of our products in the market that are serviced through Interface demonstrate improvements in accuracy the longer our customers have them in use. This does not mean you should not provide regular calibration maintenance to ensure you’re achieving the highest levels of accuracy.

A primary differentiator between Interface Calibration Services and others are our Interface manufactured load cell standards which have a well-established performance curve that allows for consistent calibration data. Using our Interface Gold Standard Calibration Software for data collection and analysis, our engineering and metrology teams pay close attention to the performance data of these standards, which we use to compare other load cells to ours. All data is gathered regularly in a permanent archive of testing data and results are subject to strict monitoring to prevent performance issues.

Because of our processes and consistency, we can provide quick calibration turnaround times within seven days and optional expedited services within three days. Interface is constantly improving processes and procedures to ensure customers can receive calibration services as quickly as possible without significant disruption to their operations.

Scheduling services with Interface are easy at Interface.  The first step is to complete the form located at /calibration-repair/calibration-repair-request-form/.  Upon submission, Interface will promptly contact you with a formal quote and shipping instructions.