Our Reputation is Defined by Our Industry-Leading Quality

Interface is proud to have a 50-year reputation for delivering the highest quality force measurement solutions on the market. To develop a global reputation for quality, we started by defining what quality means to us. At Interface, quality is providing our customers with products that meet the standards we publish, doing so quickly, and getting the products right the first time. Because of the standards we evaluate our products against, other load cell manufacturers often adopt our quality processes.

“We are known for quality because Interface leverages its gold and platinum standards to manufacture and service the best load cells in the world.”

Our consistency is evident throughout the organization, including in our dedicated metrology and incomparable engineering departments. We’re able to measure even the smallest shifts in response through our 15 hydraulic standards and five deadweight standards—all of which are just for load cells. Our engineering and metrology teams pay close attention to these standards, which we use to compare other load cells to ours. All of this data is gathered regularly and subject to strict monitoring to prevent issues.

Unlike others, Interface’s load cells do not lose their accuracy over time. Instead, our load cells demonstrate improvements in accuracy the longer our customers have them.  The way we design our load cells is the key to this success. Our load cells are low height and high precision for axial force measurement, and we use shear beams for more strain gauges inside. The strain gauge is part of the flexure, which allows all strains to be measured as accurately as possible. Our strain gauges are designed in-house so customers don’t need to accommodate their designs to account for generic strain gauges.

Interface load cells also improve over time because of the materials we use. We manufacture our load cells with steel that we machine in-house, and we manufacture our own strain gages. The strain gages are bonded to our machined steel elements, and as a result of the bonding process, the adhesive and bonding materials will gradually improve the transfer of strain with time. This allows for a better transition of force from the machined steel to the strain gauge, which accounts for the increase in long-term performance from error and output standpoints.

Our reputation for quality has been critical to maintaining our market leadership over the past 50 years, and we stop at nothing to provide our customers with the most accurate force measurement solutions available. To learn more about Interface’s load cells and quality our renowned Gold and Platinum Standards, call us at 800-947-5598 or email contact@interfaceforce.com.

Contributor: Michael Cobb, Interface Technical Services