High Accuracy Load Cell Solutions for Trustworthy Scales

Interface supplies precision load cells for advanced scale applications. Nearly every industry utilizes scales for weighing components, products, equipment, and materials. These devices range from small scales that measure incredibly minute weights for sectors such as pharmaceutical ingredients and surgical robotic grips to enormous transportation and maritime scales used for safely moving cargo worldwide.

Engineers use load cell-based weighing systems to advance the precision and quality of scale measurement. Interface load cells are integrated into scale equipment for continuous weight monitoring and play crucial roles in automation, batching, check weighing, process control, and sample testing. Their ability to measure forces ranging from 0.02 to 2,000k lbf makes them versatile tools in various industrial settings.

Accuracy is the primary advantage of using Interface load cells over traditional mechanical scales. The strain gage technology used in these sensors ensures a precise measurement of weight, making them a reliable choice for precision scale applications.

Depending on the specific use case, load cell durability is a significant benefit for scales that must withstand harsh environments and heavy use. Options for IP-rated sensors and enclosures are essential when considering the scale’s sensor element. Selecting a measurement device and instrument that can be sealed to protect them from dust, moisture, and other contaminants is crucial.

Industry Examples of Scales Using Load Cell Technology

The range of load cell models in various capacities is ideal for precision scale applications. The diversity allows them to be used in multiple industries, from delicate laboratory scale measurements to heavy-duty truck weighing scales. Here is an example of a small pallet scale application note.

Mining: Scales are critical in mining and quarry operations. They are used in conveyor equipment to accurately weigh extracted materials, as illustrated in our Quarrying Conveyor Belt Scale application. They are also commonly used for Mining Truck Scales to ensure the mining truck is not overloaded during transportation.

Manufacturing: Load cell-based scales are crucial in production lines, ensuring consistent material weight in parts and finished products. Their high accuracy helps maintain quality control. Additionally, heavy equipment utilizes these scales to monitor weight distribution and prevent overloading.

Food and Beverage: Scales with load cells are vital in packaging lines, guaranteeing accurate product filling and portion control. They are also essential in ingredient dispensing systems, maintaining recipe consistency and reducing waste. Check out Force Measurement for Efficiency in Food Processing and Packaging for more examples.

Shipping and Logistics: Truck weighing favors load cell accuracy for scales. These scales ensure precise weight measurement of incoming and outgoing shipments for proper billing and efficient freight management.

Healthcare: Load cell-based medical scales are used heavily for patient weight monitoring and change tracking. Their precise measurements are crucial in healthcare settings. Similarly, pharmaceutical companies rely on high-precision scales equipped with load cells to meticulously measure and mix individual components during drug development. This ensures the accuracy and consistency of each dose, ultimately safeguarding patient safety.

Construction: Load cell scales are integrated into crane scales to safely weigh building materials by determining their weight and ensuring they stay within lifting capacities. Additionally, weight mixers for concrete and other construction materials often rely on load cell technology for accurate mixing ratios.

TIP: Utilize Interface’s Weighing Solutions Product Guide to review devices suited for scale applications.

Popular Interface Scale Application Products

SPI High and Low Capacity Platform Scale Load Cells

Interface SPI Platform Scale Load Cells are designed as high-precision platform measurement devices, compensated for off-center loading. They are available in capacities ranging from 25 to 150 lbf (111.2 to 667.2 N) for high-capacity requirements and 3 to 15 lbf (13.34 to 66.72 N) for low-capacity weighing applications.

WMCF Miniature Sealed Stainless Steel Load Cell

Interface WMCF Stainless Steel Miniature Load Cells are excellent for industrial scale use cases because of their stainless steel, sealed, environmentally protected construction with female threads. This product is available in capacities ranging from 5 to 10 lbf (22 to 45 N). Submersible versions of this product are also available for maritime weighing applications.

480 Bidirectional Weight Indicator

The Weight Indicator Model 480 Instrumentation is a bidirectional weight indicator for scale applications. It comes in a NEMA 4X stainless enclosure. Standard options include 523,000 internal counts, a 0.8-inch LED 6-digit display, and a measurement rate of up to 40 Hz. Available options include analog and relay outputs.

WWWP Wireless Wheel Weighing Platform Scale


Interface’s new WWWP Wireless Wheel Weighing Platforms offer an adaptable, high-accuracy scale solution for vehicle weighing with unmatched performance. For easy, on-site positioning, these wheels weigh pads have integrated wheels and handles for easy use in restricted spaces. The built-in weight display is equipped with a 2.4 GHz RF industrial radio communication for transmitting data wirelessly to the optional remote touchscreen indicator up to 160 ft away.

Looking for additional information about why load cells are used for scales? Accuracy Matters for Scales and Weighing, an Interface Case Study, highlights weighing and scale applications used with heavy machinery, medical devices, operational containers, and distribution solutions. In each of these instances, utilizing weight in the design, build, and supply of these products is fundamental to each use case and the product’s success.

Do you have questions about your specific scale project requirements or are you looking to integrate sensors into your equipment? Contact Interface Application Experts. Also, visit our Weighing Solutions for more industry use cases and examples.


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