New Interface Accessories Selection Guide

Interface Accessories support full functionality and accurate use of your Interface equipment, including calibration systems, instrumentation, load cells, and torque transducers.

We provide various sensors, instrumentation, and calibration accessories, from shielded cables, mating connectors, and couplings to load cell simulators, TEDS, and resistors.

Accessories are available in many design configurations. Our new Accessories Selection Guide will help you complete your project design with the highest performance. Use this guide to combine available accessories designed for the specific measurement products.

Get Started Using the New Accessories Selection Guide

Accessories Guide for Calibration Systems

Accessories Guide for Instrumentation

Accessories Guide for Load Cells

Accessories Guide for Torque Transducers

Accessories assist with the reliability and performance of load cells and torque transducers. We also offer several different enclosures, from benchtop enclosures to wall-mount enclosures to sealed internal-mount enclosures for single and dual instruments.

Our top and bottom plates distribute the load over the support structure foundation, providing a prepared surface for the load cell. Precisely machined clevises, jam nuts, thread adapters, mounting plates, and rod end bearings provide rigid connections and reduce alignment errors.


The Interface Accessories Guide is a valuable tool for navigating our extensive line of accessories. Save time and use this new guide to determine which accessories are best suited for your application, whether for a load cell, torque transducer, instrumentation, or calibration system.

Important considerations when buying a new measurement device include:

  1. How and where do you plan to connect to Interface devices?
  2. Do you have the right cable to pair with your device?
  3. Are adapters necessary to make the product fit your application?
  4. Will you be mounting the device to a hardened, flat surface?
  5. How will you be monitoring the instrument’s performance?
  6. Are enclosures helpful to protect your instruments?

Along with your specific application requirements, these questions will assist you in determining where to begin your search for the right accessories.  Use the new Interface Accessories Selection Guide or contact our experienced Application Engineers to determine which accessories support your application.