Load Buttons


Interface Load Buttons are made from high grade alloy steel/Stainless steel, heat treated and precision machined to ensure that the performance of your transducer matches the calibrated at the factory.

  • Designed to work with Interface products
  • Made with the highest quality components and processes
  • Created to maintain the specification of the product they are intended for
  • Converts universal cell to compression only
  • Spherical loading surface
  • For Low Profile, “S” type and Minibeam

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Product Downloads

  • Data Sheet

Interface accessory products are made from the highest components and processes to ensure the specifications for your Interface products perform to meet their published specifications.

Models LB-101, LB-102, LB-103, LB-104, LB-106, LB-109, LB-110, LB-111, LB-114, LB-101M, LB-102M, LB-103M, and LB-104M are available.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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