Introducing Interface Tiered Calibration Services Program

Interface understands our customers have thousands of applications for more than 35,000 Interface force measurement products. We also know many customers have specific needs for calibration and repair services.

How do we know? We are the preferred provider of calibration services in the market, performing more than 100,000 in-house calibrations yearly for thousands of customers. Interface even calibrates load cells manufactured by others.

Choosing Interface for calibration and repair ensures that industry-certified experts perform the work, guarantee and certify the calibration service, and provide a detailed report with a warranty on all our work. Basically, we design it, build it, and service it. It is the true meaning of a one-stop shop.

We are now taking it to the next level. Today, we are introducing the new Interface Tiered Calibration Services Program. 

Our Tiered Calibration Services Program is designed with the customer in mind. It allows customers to pick and choose their exact calibration requirements fast and easily. This means that if a customer needs a basic service, a fully customized service solution, or anything in between, Interface can fulfill and exceed expectations.

We are excited to announce that we have found additional ways to extend our services through tailored programs that are designed to meet the exact needs of our valued customers.” Michael Cobb

Quality matters—and we excel at this. However, we know what matters as much as quality to our customers is the speed of services. Speed isn’t just shipping. It’s the time from leaving the customer’s location to returning a fully calibrated or repaired product. To meet the “local” needs for expedited service while offering the highest quality and largest range of service options, our new Tiered Calibration Services Program provides in-house turnaround times ranging from 7-10 days and as fast as one week for urgent requests. We can even build a program tailored to the customer’s exact requirements.

The Interface Tiered Calibration Services Program is now available for all our customers. It provides distinct service tiers: Standard, Gold, and Custom.

Standard Calibration Service

  • Expert Calibration Services Performed In-House at Interface Headquarters
  • ISO 17025 Certified Calibration
  • Detailed Performance Evaluation
  • Easy Online RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Creation with Interface’s IPerform Service Software
  • IPerform Service Data Archive
  • Real-Time Tracking Online through IPerform Service for All Requests
  • Interface Guarantee and Warranty
  • 7-10 Business Day In-House Calibration Time

Gold Calibration Service

  • Everything Standard PLUS priority service turnaround
  • Maximum of 5 Business Days In-House Calibration Time
  • IPerform Service Software for RMA, Archive plus Asset Management
  • Return Shipping in Interface Specialized Packaging for Safety and Storage
  • Free 2-Day Express Return Shipping for Non-Freight Weights (US Only)

Custom Calibration Services

  • All Standard, Gold and Platinum Services PLUS 
  • Managed Inventory
  • Expedited Repair
  • Automated Service Requests
  • IPerform Software
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Discounts

Turnaround times are calculated by time in-house at Interface headquarters.

To learn more about how Interface’s NEW Calibration Tiered Services Program can help your company, visit /calibration-repair/tiered-calibration-services-program/.  To schedule a calibration or repair from Interface, submit a request here.