Building Synergy to Accurately Measure OEM Products and Components

Interface thrives on deep collaboration with OEM partners. We control the entire process, from meticulous sensor design to robust packaging, but our true strength lies in the synergy we create with our customers.

Interface’s value to original equipment manufacturers is the diversity of custom-engineered single measurement devices and sensors easily integrated into components or products. Interface OEM Solutions refer to high-volume products manufactured as unique sensors to use in existing hardware, to activate a product, or as a stand-alone measurement component.

We provide various strain-gaged products, engineering services, and design capabilities to support manufacturers with custom solutions that fit their precise requirements.

When is an Interface OEM solution necessary for your product or component?

#1 Accurate Measurement: Interface load cells and transducers allow OEMs to monitor and measure real-time forces applied to their parts and products. The measurement data is crucial for performance monitoring and ensuring components and systems operate within safe and optimal load ranges.

#2 Data Acquisition and Analytics: Interface sensor technologies provide valuable product usage and performance insights. Product designers benefit by understanding user behavior and informing future product development decisions. This data can also be used for predictive maintenance.

#3 Design Optimization: Analyzing real-time force data helps engineers optimize part and product designs. Understanding how forces are distributed and interact within a system helps reduce material usage and component weight without compromising strength. Product engineers must also identify and eliminate stress points to improve durability and longevity.

#4 Safety and Reliability: Monitoring forces enables proactive safety measures, preventing accidents and equipment failures. The sensor data is valuable in preventing damage by stopping operations or triggering alarms when excessive forces are detected during use.

#5 Product and Component Quality Control: Using embedded sensor technologies is important when guaranteeing consistent force-related performance during use.

OEM Solution Definition

Speed meets precision with Interface’s complete control over sensor design. From precision strain gages to stocking and shipping parts, we own every step – allowing us to iterate and tailor our sensors to your needs rapidly. Our dedicated engineers work with OEM partners to seamlessly integrate specific requirements into every sensor, delivering solutions as unique as your vision.

OEM solution development is a collaborative process that will leverage our expertise.  Before we define a measurement solution for your specific OEM requirements, Interface engineers and application experts start with a detailed solution definition process between the OEM team members. We host a series of system-level discussions that drive maximum design, build, and production efficiency.

Top OEM Solution Discovery Questions

  • What is the #1 challenge or problem you are trying to solve?
  • What are you measuring?
  • Where will the sensor be used or placed?
  • Why are you interested in specific measurements?
  • What signal or connectivity is needed?
  • What are the defined measurement ranges and potential loading conditions?
  • How do you best describe the envelope and mechanical integration?
  • What are the environmental conditions and exposures for the product or component?
  • What are the plans for sensor calibration?
  • Are you using relative or absolute measurements?

The Interface measurement products available for creating a unique SKU only available to an OEM include our load cells, miniature load cells and load buttons, load pins, and torque transducers. OEMs can choose from Interface’s depth of sensor solutions for specific force ranges, directions, mounting configurations, and environments, enabling optimal integration into their designs.


Interface Products Available for Custom OEM Solutions

  • Low and High Capacity LowProfile Load Cells
  • Compression-Only Load Cells
  • Miniature Load Cells
  • S-Type and Beam Load CellsColumn and Rod End Load Cells
  • Load Cell Load Buttons
  • Sealed Load Cells
  • Stainless Steel Load Cells
  • Multi-Axis Sensors
  • Torque Transducers
  • Flange Style Torque Transducers
  • Hex Drive and Square Drive Torque Transducers
  • Load Pins and Load Shackles
  • Load Washers
  • Tension Link Load Cells
  • Instrumentation

For products requiring sensor-based components, use Interface products to measure force, weight, or torque accurately and continuously during use, meet safety requirements and certifications, and ensure product quality.

Get started by sharing your initial requirements with us by going to our OEM solution request or contacting our experts. We are ready to help you with making sensor-enabled products.


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