Faces of Interface Featuring Albert Luna

Albert Luna was a born engineer. From a young age, he was always interested in how things worked. One of his favorite childhood hobbies was to take things apart to see what was inside them. He took apart appliances, TVs, radios and more and always looked forward to going to his cousin’s house to play with his drafting tools that furthered his mechanical inquisitiveness. Because of his childhood experiences, his parents encouraged him to pursue a formal career in advanced engineering.

Albert took his parents’ advice and enrolled at California State University, Los Angeles, where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. With his professional credentials in-hand, he launched his career as a design engineer. Throughout his profession, he’s worked with a variety of organizations, including Snap-on, where he was paid to play with tools and became an expert at designing solutions with strain gages. While Albert’s skills are abundant, his desire to learn didn’t stop there. He’s currently studying for his professional engineering (PE) exam.

Although Albert gained a lot of experience in his discipline, one thing he hadn’t gotten a chance to do in his previous positions was to design with sensors. Prior to joining Interface, Albert was just always handed a sensor and asked to build a tool around it. When he saw the opportunity to expand his skill set and work extensively with sensors, he eagerly applied to Interface and became a design engineer for the company that is the leader in force measurement solutions. Albert currently works on Interface’s Gold Standard® LowProfile® load cell product line.

“The thing I enjoy most about working at Interface is how hands-on my job is and how I get to use tools, work with equipment and help with troubleshooting. I work on a product from the design stage all the way through calibration.” Albert Luna, Design Engineer, Interface

Not only is Albert an expert design engineer, but he also goes above and beyond for Interface’s customers in any way he can. His work philosophy is to make sure that all customers are satisfied and that everything they want in their application has been incorporated. With Albert, nothing is ever compromised.

Albert is also known in Interface for his wall of fame.  His office is papered with credentials and awards from Toastmasters International in recognition of his passions and commitment to always be learning.  It is one of the many things that make a valued member of the Interface family.

Albert’s love of working with his hands translates into his personal life as well. When he’s not at Interface, he loves to fix things around his house and spend time on his car. In fact, he even earned a two-year degree in auto mechanics.

Although he loves hands-on building projects, cycling is another one of Albert’s passions, and 70-mile bike rides are among his many accomplishments in his favorite hobby.