Interface provides a variety of sensors that are utilized by manufacturers and testing engineers in the agriculture markets. This includes our precision load cells, torque transducers, multi-axis sensors and miniature load cells, along with the popular tension links, load shackles, wireless instrumentation and more.

Interface provides load cells for materials and test measurements to professionals that need the high-precision force sensors for accurate and reliable data collection.  When experienced users see the Interface name, they know that the can expect the most accurate test results whether it is fatigue testing, strength sensors or bolt fastening.

Nearly every industry requires some kind of product or material testing involving force or torque measurements. From structural and material testing, to static and fatigue testing, the test and measurement industry provides key data for manufacturers, engineers and service personnel to ensure their products and services will hold up under designed loads.

Our wide range of load cells, torque transducers, multi-axis sensors and other force measurement solutions allow companies that produce and use test equipment to obtain the most accurate and reliable data possible. From our Ultra Low Capacity series measuring forces in mere grams to our LowProfile™ load cells with capacities up to 2 million lbf, our solutions can meet the needs for any test profile required.  In regards to torque testing, Interface can supply torque transducers with ranges as low as 0.005 Nm and up to 340K Nm to meet the needs of your test. Our overload protected low capacity load cells and torque sensor provide the most accurate results in the industry. In fact, torsion effects, tension tests, mass and kinetic energy are all handled by us.