Faster, lighter, safer, more responsive automotive vehicle load cell sensors are built at Interface. Nearly every segment of the automotive industry deals with conflicting priorities as they compete to develop new vehicles for their customers. From the focus on extreme performance of racing vehicles to the safety focus of consumer automobiles, Interface can provide force and torque measurement solutions to help you achieve your automotive goals.

We currently supply force and torque sensors directly to automotive OEMs as well as to Tier 1 component vendors and Tier 2 & Tier 3 machine designers, who use Interface force sensors to improve their products and processes.

Interface has been supplying high quality, precision load cells to the automotive industry since 1968, including custom one-off sensors and special application-specific designs. Standard off-the-shelf models such as our 2400 series , our 3200 series Stainless Steel LowProfile™ Load Cells or our WMC Miniature Load Cell family are popular with machine builders and used anywhere a rugged stainless steel load cell is required. Research and development facilities with precision applications favor our 1200 Series LowProfile™ Load Cells with their special moment compensated design. These are used in auto manufacturer assembly lines in a variety of production monitoring and verification applications.Our exceedingly accurate LowProfile™ Load Cells have been used in NASCAR and IndyCar garages for testing individual springs and entire vehicle suspensions.

A moment compensated Interface load cell has as much as 1,000 times less error from side load or moment as our competitor’s products. And many of our sensors feature 10x mechanical overload protection, which helps protect against unintended loads. Our Model BPL Load Cell is a very LowProfile™ load cell for measuring force on gas, brake or clutch pedal.

With a wide range of automotive vehicle load cell sensors, force and torque measurement capabilities and features such as moment compensation, temperature compensation, and mechanical overload protection, Interface can help you design a solution perfect for your automotive application.

Automotive Vehicle applications:

  • Automotive component testing including gearbox, differential, tires, pedals, etc.
  • Race suspension Tuning & Adjustment
  • Bushing qualification and bearing press verification
  • Building a championship race car
  • Engine dynamometer tuning and testing
  • Engine head bolt tightening
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Window safety compliance
  • Steering torque measurement
  • Fuel pump optimization and fuel flow
  • Suspension tuning and adjustment
  • Fuel or Gas tank assembly
  • Assembly line monitoring, flow, and verification
  • Seat Testing
  • Transmission gear box and Gear mesh
  • Fatigue testing
  • Motor test stand
  • Brake and Clutch Pedal Force Testing
  • Door Fatigue Testing and Spring testing
  • Bearing press and Press to fit
  • Wet sanding force monitoring
  • Crash test
  • Durability testing, Tire Testing and Shock Absorber testing
  • Drive train and Differential
  • Coil Spring, Valve Spring and Suspension Testing
  • Precision car weight and distribution