Interface Partners with Manufacturing Representative Firm GenTek

In a move that enhances its ability to expand premium force measurement solutions to a growing number of customers in the Southeast, Interface today announced a new partnership with manufacturer’s representatives GenTek Inc.

GenTek focuses on providing technology solutions to strategic customers in a range of industries, from military and defense to aerospace and commercial sectors across the Southeastern United States.

GenTek offers its customers a wide range of electronics, sensors, data acquisition devices, test and measurement equipment and GPS devices, and now, more than 36,000 force measurement products from Interface. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, GenTek is providing sales support for Interface’s vast product and service lines across five Southeastern states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

“Interface is well-known across many of our key customers and industries as a leader in force measurement solutions. Partnering with Interface is an ideal scenario since their products represent a very synergistic addition to our lineup that will help our customers succeed.” Ed Lamkin, president and CEO, GenTek Inc.

GenTek Inc. was founded in 1995 and has grown to become one of the most prominent manufacturer’s representatives in the Southeast. GenTek is focusing its efforts for Interface on leveraging new and existing relationships with OEMs and other customers in multiple industries including aerospace and defense, semiconductor capital equipment and test and measurement, offering force measurement solutions that meet their evolving needs.

“GenTek Inc. has built a reputation for having a deep understanding of how to solve their customer’s problems and delivering powerful technology solutions that help them achieve their product development goals. We welcome GenTek to our team and look forward to working together to achieve continued success and growth.” – Brian Peters, vice president of global sales, Interface

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