Infrastructure Industry Relies on Interface Force Measurement

The safety and stability of the structures and facilities that are used by towns, cities, organizations, governments and countries are essential to their successful operations. In the design and construction, it is a requirement to ensure that every component measures up to the standards that protect those that depend on their functionality.

Test and measurement are critical in every stage of any infrastructure project. Civil engineers, project managers, institutions, construction companies utilize sensor technologies today. This includes load cells, torque transducers, instrumentation, multi-axis sensors, load pins and load shackles and wireless technologies.  The infrastructure industry has long depended on Interface’s durable and reliable products for all types of projects, from early conception through maintenance.

Where are Interface infrastructure industry measurement solutions used today? Interface has been a supplier to entities around the world that are involved in every type of infrastructure projects including complex transportation systems, versatile communication structures that cross all types of terrain, water and electrical power sites, as well as new inventions that are used to build, support, and maintain various structures around the world.

Infrastructure Case Study

In our recent infrastructure case study, Infrastructure Projects Rely on Interface, we detail different use cases in the multi-trillion dollar global industry. There is no shortage of opportunity to invest in infrastructure and ensuring that every project meets the rigid regulatory requirements means a test plan is essential throughout the entire process.  Every test plan needs accurate and quality measurement solutions that are capable of structural monitoring, load bearing testing, vibrational monitoring, construction equipment and material testing use cases.

Here are just a few of the project types that depend on Interface solutions:

  • Roads, Streets and Highways
  • Waste Management
  • Mass Transportation Vehicles
  • Energy and Power Generation
  • Bridges and Tunnels
  • Railways
  • Airport Structures and People Movers
  • Dams and Water Supply
  • Telecommunications and Satellite

Beyond construction, Interface is supplying equipment manufacturers for use in construction and infrastructure maintenance projects. In the application note, Aerial Lift Overload Control, we provided a top manufacturing company for aerial lifts precision tools to test its self-propelled boom lift. The solution needed to ensure the lift could operate at heavy capacities when in use, and at different angles. The lift required a design that was proven to prevent any accidents in case of a lifting overload, for the safety of anyone working on or near the equipment. Interface proposed used our three multi-axis sensor model 3A160 3-Axis Force Load Cell to the bottom of the bucket of the boom lift. The 3A160 3-Axis Force Load Cell provides high accuracy and the measurements could be displayed using the 920i Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller in real time. The company was able to use these products to test their aerial boom lifts and determined it was safely operable at maximum capacities

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