Accessories Selection Guide

We provide a large variety of different accessories for sensors, instrumentation, and calibration from shielded cable, mating connectors, and couplings to load cell simulators, TEDS, and resistors. Our top and bottom plates distribute load over the support structure foundation and provide a prepared surface for the load cell. Precisely machined clevises, jam nuts, thread adapters, mounting plates, and rod end bearings provide rigid connections and reduce alignment error. Load cell and torque transducer accessories are available in many design configurations and will help you complete your project design with the highest performance and the least amount of trouble possible. We also offer a number of different enclosures from benchtop enclosures, wall mount enclosures, to sealed internal mount enclosures for both single and dual instruments.

This tool will help guide you through our accessories and determine what accessories is best suited for your application whether it’s for a sensor, instrumentation, or performing a calibration.