56 Reasons to Love Interface

Interface isn’t just another force measurement company. Established in 1968, we think there is no better way to celebrate our 56th anniversary than to highlight why Interface is an unmatched precision measurement solutions provider worldwide.

So, we narrowed it down to the top 56 reasons to love Interface and why we are the perfect partner for all your test and measurement needs across various industries.

  1.  Building Measurement Solutions for 56 Years: Interface was incorporated on June 14, 1968.
  2. Richard F. Caris: Founder of Interface, dedicated to innovation, science, technology, and manufacturing, whose legacy is fundamental to our continued success.
  3. Proprietary Strain Gages: Interface prides itself on developing the most accurate force measurement tools, starting with our proprietary strain gage manufacturing.
  4. Tens of Thousands: Interface’s growing product line, from load cells to multi-axis sensors, instrumentation to miniature sensors, currently has 35,000 standard products.
  5. Industry Standard Load Cell: The LowProfile™ is trusted worldwide for its accuracy and dependability. It is the industry standard in pancake load cells.
  6. Dedicated Team Members: Committed to daily excellence and delivering exceptional service drives our team every day.
  7. Commitment to the Science of Measurement: Interface holds to our metrology and measurement science foundation in everything we design and build.
  8. Load Cells: Interface offers hundreds of models in thousands of capacities and features to handle any force measurement task.
  9. Calibration Exceptionalism: Interface’s calibration lab is unlike any other, with multiple state-of-the-art rigs, expert technicians, calibration grade equipment, and proprietary software for the best in calibration.
  10. US-Made Excellence: Interface load cells are designed and manufactured in the USA at our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, ensuring quality and control.
  11. Performance Guarantee: Interface load cells outperform the competition, and we are sticking to it!
  12. Industry-Specific Solutions: Interface offers tailored measurement solutions for specific applications, ranging from rocket structural testing devices that measure millions of pounds of force to medical device OEM sensor solutions that measure the grams of force of surgical robots.
  13. Millions and Millions: Interface has designed and built more than millions of force measurement sensors over the past half-century and calibrated millions of load cells.
  14. Mini Load Cells: Ideal for delicate applications requiring high precision in small spaces, our miniature load cells come in thousands of models, capacities, and feature options.
  15. Aerospace Solutions: Interface is the leading provider of measurement solutions to the aircraft, aviation, and space industries.
  16. Temperature Compensation: Interface uses proprietary alloy strain gages for consistent temperature performance.
  17. Test & Measurement Pros: Interface is at the heart of testing and measurement. Our high-precision load cells and sensors enable material testing, calibrations, compression and tension tests, fatigue testing, and more.
  18. Weighing and Lifting: Interface sensor technologies are used worldwide for weighing and lifting machinery and measurement systems.
  19. Gold Standard Calibration System: The industry benchmark for precise load cell calibration, Interface defines the true gold standard.
  20. Commitment to Excellence: Interface prioritizes quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.
  21. Energy Market Leader: Interface is recognized as a top solutions provider for testing and measurement in the oil, gas, clean, and renewable energy markets.
  22. Load Button Load Cells: Compact and easy to integrate for compressive force measurement, our load buttons are small but powerful enough for testing in compact spaces.
  23. Highest Accuracy: Most Interface sensors utilize eight strain gages for unparalleled precision.
  24. Automotive and Vehicle Solutions: Interface is known for providing innovative torque solutions like our AxialTQ™ for automotive design, testing, component manufacturing, and equipment, including advancements in EV and battery technology.
  25. Torque Transducers: The thousands of transducer models, configurations, and capacities allow you to measure rotational and reactionary force with exceptional accuracy.
  26. Interface Individually Tested & Calibrated: Every LowProfile™ load cell undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring accuracy with no exception.
  27. Industrial Automation: Interface is a critical partner in industrial automation in machines, production lines, machine building, and robotics.
  28. Sealed and Submersible: Interface designs measurement solutions for the blue economy, able to withstand exposure near and offshore in various maritime applications.
  29. Multi-Axis Sensors: Data is king, and our 2, 3, and 6-axis sensors simultaneously measure force in multiple directions for maximum data output.
  30. Engineered-to-Order Modifications: Interface is unique in the test and measurement world in its ability to modify our standard products to fit your application perfectly.
  31. Load Pins, Tension Load Links, & Shackles: Interface’s line of these specialized sensors uses precision sensors for multitudes of use cases, thanks to our recent acquisition of LCM Systems.
  32. Moment Compensation: We minimize sensitivity to extraneous loads in our LowProfile™ load cell designs.
  33. Leading OEM Solutions Provider: Interface partners with you for seamless integration into your systems, providing engineering expertise for perfect alignment.
  34. Fast and Cost-Effective Solutions: Interface works with you to provide the best fit for your budget and timeline.
  35. Supporting Cutting-Edge Innovation: Interface is a leading provider of test and measurement solutions to innovators in smart agriculture, additive manufacturing, smart city planning, and new inventions.
  36. Digital Instrumentation: Interface offers a wide range of digital instruments to complete your system, including easy-to-use displays for real-time force data.
  37. Tightest Creep Specification: Interface load cells exhibit minimal deformation under load.
  38. NIST Traceable Calibrations: All our load cells provide guaranteed accuracy with traceable calibration certificates.
  39. Wireless Telemetry System (WTS): Transmit force data wirelessly for greater flexibility using our advanced wireless products, from load cells to instruments.
  40. Saving Lives: Medical and healthcare equipment makers turn to Interface for precision sensors in life-saving devices and technologies.
  41. Higher Output: Improved signal-to-noise ratio for precise data acquisition is part of the Interface product design.
  42. World’s Largest LowProfile™ Producer: High-volume production ensures quality and consistency.
  43. Trusted by Leading Companies: Interface has served global industry market leaders across many industries, including NASA, Ford, Boeing, and tens of thousands more.
  44. Bluetooth Telemetry System (BTS): Convenient wireless data transmission with Bluetooth connectivity.
  45. Industry Leadership: Interface is at the forefront of force measurement technology, with patented solutions for miniature, overload, and axial devices.
  46. Gold Standard® Calibration SystemCalibration Equipment: Ensure the accuracy of your measurements with Interface’s calibration tools, from our Gold and Platinum Standard to our frames and software.
  47. Expert Engineering and Technical Support: Interface’s team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution and answering your questions, whether you need a single solution or a complete custom system.
  48. A2LA Accredited Lab: Interface’s lab meets the highest standards for calibration services.
  49. Complete Vertical Integration: We engineer and manufacture our products because of short lead times, exceptional quality control, and competitive pricing.
  50. Custom Solutions Expertise: Interface designs and manufactures custom sensors tailored to your needs and complete system design for complex projects.
  51. Hazardous Locations Equipment: Safe and reliable force measurement solutions for hazardous environments, including ATEX and other certified products.
  52. Infrastructure: Interface contributes to building a solid foundation with our solutions in construction, bridge monitoring, water management, recycling equipment, and civil engineering projects.
  53. Accessories: Interface offers various accessories, from mounting hardware to cable assemblies, to complement your force measurement setup.
  54. Educators Rely on Interface: Interface load cells and testing equipment are found in engineering departments, metrology labs, and innovation centers in higher education institutions worldwide.
  55. Continuous Innovation: Interface is dedicated to developing new and improved solutions.
  56. Reliable Partner: Interface is a women-owned manufacturing and technology market leader and a trusted source for your force measurement needs, now and in the future.