Top Picks for Your Interface Reading List

Of all the content we shared online this year, we have a list of favorites we have put together based on your interests.  We certainly would never want to recommend that this is all the reading you do; however, if you are looking for top picks based on your fellow test and measurement enthusiasts, we’ve got the lists.

To start things off, we compiled a reading list of the most popular Interface IQ Blogs this year. If you are a subscriber, you know that we have published more than 80 blogs this year. Contributors from our engineers, product team, solutions experts and Interface team members have provided a lot of material to share.

We also have some new articles that were published in 2021 by industry magazines with quick links to get the full effect.  We don’t want to leave off our coveted white papers.  We have some new additions this year to our white paper library, along with some updates to fan favorites.

Last, and never least, we want to share some engaging new case studies that we published this year to highlight exactly how Interface helps our customers with different products and solutions.

Top 10 Interface IQ Blogs of 2021

  1. Understanding Load Cell Temperature Compensation
  2. Load Cell Basics Sensor Specifications
  3. Load Shackles 101
  4. Load Cell Basics Webinar Recap
  5. New Interface Multi-Axis Load Cells
  6. How To Choose the Right Load Cell
  7. Force Measurement Solutions for Bolt And Screw Fastening
  8. Tension Links 101
  9. Load Washers 101
  10. Interface All-In-One Custom Test Systems

2021 Interface Featured Articles


  • Selecting and Using a Force Measurement Device: Everything you need to know, by Ken Vining, Interface Chief Engineer read
  • Getting the Most Out of Torque Testing: First and foremost, it’s important to understand what a torque transducer is before implementing a test, by Keith Skidmore, Interface Director Custom Solution Sales read


  • How can force sensing be integrated for Industry 4.0 upgrades? read


  • Interface Case Study: Automotive Window Pinch Force Testing read
  • Interface Releases New Website with Added Resources And New Digital Product Catalog read
  • Interface Case Study: Bike Load Testing read


  • Interface Case Study: Bike Frame Fatigue Cycling read


  • Interface Case Study: Bluetooth® Brake Pedal read


  • Force Measurement Solutions Leader Interface Announces Hiring Push for 2021 to Meet Growing Demands for Products read

Interface White Papers

2021 Interface Case Studies

  • Serving the Maritime Industry Case Study: Interface has been a longtime leader in the maritime industry. From hydrofoil testing to yacht rigging inspection, and even on the enormous cranes used on shipping docks, we provide solutions for a wide variety of applications in maritime.  Visit the case study to learn more.
  • Interface Solutions Used in Growing Agriculture Innovation Case Study: One of the keys to keeping the agricultural industry at the height of innovation is a host of accurate and reliable measurement equipment designed to help engineers and manufacturers push the limit on the machinery that helps to feed the world.
  • Coil Tubing Load Cells Case Study: Since 1968, Interface has been making world class low profile load cells. Interface has applied that expertise in creating our model 3400 family of coil tubing load cells.

This concludes our top reading picks for 2021. We have many more stories to write, expert tips to share, products to introduce, and solutions to explore. We hope you’ll continue to follow and share with us in the coming year.

Enjoy and as we finish the year with gratitude, we leave you with a holiday greeting that was created for Interface. It inspires us and we hope it leaves you with some peace and happiness as we end 2021. With that, here is our shared message from Jessica S., entitled ‘Joy to the World’,