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Products Multi-Axis Sensors

Multi-Axis Sensors

Multi Axis Load Cell are designed and manufactured by Interface to measure a multiple of forces and/or moments simultaneously with a single load cell sensor. These sensors provide multiple bridges that precisely measure the applied force from one direction with little or no cross-talk from the other forces or moments - when installed and used according to specifications.

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Fx Fy Fz
3AXX 3-Axis Load Cells
Force: 10 N to 500 kN
Fx Fy Fz Mx My Mz
6AXX 6-Axis Load Cells
50/1 to 50K/5K N/Nm
Force & Torque
1216 Axial Torsion Load Cell
250 to 2K lbf; 125 to 1K lb-in
Force & Torque (Fz &Tz)
1516 Axial Torsion Load Cell
100 lbf at 50 lb-in
Force & Torque (Fz &Tz)
2816 Axial Torsion Load Cell
3.3K/2K to 15K/7.5K
Force & Moment
5200XYZ Precision Multi-Axis Load Cell
400 to 20K lbf
Force & Torque
5600 Axial Torsion Load Cell
5K/6K to 300K/180K lb-in/lbf
Force & Torque
AT101 Axial Torsion Load Cell
Force: 0.5 kN to 2 kN
Torque: 5 Nm to 50 Nm
Force & Torque
AT102 Axial Torsion Load Cell
Force: 10 kN
Torque: 10 Nm
Force & Torque
AT103 Axial Torsion Load Cell
Force: 10 kN to 20 kN
Torque: 10 Nm to 20 Nm
Measures X & Y Forces
TXY Load Cell
500 lbf to 2K lbf