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JB104SS Stainless Steel Junction Box

4 Channel Summing Capability

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JB104SS Stainless Steel Junction Box
  • A convenient method for wiring multiple load cells to a single indicator
  • Commonly used in multi-load cell weighing applications
  • Ability to coil excess cable inside the box

The JB104SS junction box model is designed to connect and trim up to four load cells per board. It may also be used in combination with additional juction boxes through the use dof an expansion port on the main board to connect multiple junction boxes thus allowing the summing of more than four load cells.

In its most basic form a junction box provides a convenient method for wiring multiple load cells to a single indicator. Junction boxes are commonly used in weighing applications where a tank or scale is supported by more than one load cell. The individual load cell cables are wired into the junction box and then a single cable connects the junction box to the instrumentation.

The JB104SS is a small 4x6.5x1.75 inch stainless steel NEMA 4 rated box suitable for installations where space is limited. Standard configuration is for up to 4 load cells and provides three trim ranges; no trim, 10% and 30%. Spring clips are used for the load cell connections.

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