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Products 1516 Axial Torsion Load Cell Force & Torque (Fz &Tz)

1516 Axial Torsion Load Cell

Force & Torque (Fz &Tz)

Products & Prices
1516 Axial Torsion Load Cell
Starting at $3100.00
  • Capacities 100 lbf to 50 lbf-in (Axial/Torsion)
  • Axial force torque
  • Minimal crosstalk
  • Fatigue rated

The 1516 is a low profile load cell designed for applications where axial and torsion loads need too be measured simultaneously

Available in Model: 1516

Additional Capacities Available

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English Standard Metric Standard
Model Capacity Lead Time Description
1516DXB-100 100/50 lbf/lb-in Model 1516, 100/50 lbf/lb-in Capacity, PC02E-12-8P 8 Pin Bayonet Type Connector
This product is maufactured in english standard capacities only. Refer to english tab above.