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INDUSTRIES: Medical and Healthcare


Customer Need / Challenge

Customer would like to know how a prosthetic foot responds as it is loaded during different stances.

Interface Solution

Interface Model 3A120 3-Axis Load Cell was installed between the leg socket and the prosthetic foot. Model 3A120 was then connected to customer’s portable data acquisition system.


Data was logged for X, Y, and Z axis. Customer was able to review the results and identify premature foot flat and dead spots during foot’s use. They can now make improvements to the design.

  • Model 3A120 3-Axis Load Cell.
  • Portable Data Acquisition System.
  • Prosthetic foot.
    1. Install Model 3A120 into prosthetic foot load stream.
    2. Connect to customer’s portable data acquisition system.
    3. Review X, Y and Z force measurements to determine foot flat and dead spots.