GS-SYS04 Gold Standard® Portable E4 Machine Calibration System

Portable E4 Machine Calibration System

  • Gold Standard System guaranteed to be the most accurate calibration system in the world
  • Reduces calibration time by 50 to 90%
  • Windows software provides flexibility and produces consistent calibration results
  • Performs ASTM E4 and ISO7500 calibrations.
  • Reading times recorded
  • Nonlinearity less than 0.005% FS
  • Automatically archives data and produces standard reports, graphs, and performance parameter calculations. Permits easy generation of customized reports and graphs

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Interface Portable E4 Machine Verification System integrates our Model 9840 Intelligent Indicator with any Windows-based laptop computer. This solution creates a portable system for in-field verification of force test machines. This verification involves insertion of a reference load cell (such as the Interface Gold Standard™ Load Cell) into the equipment under test. Each data point in the test frame controller is compared against the reading from the reference load cell.


  • 9840 Single Channel 24-bit Intelligent Indicator with 0.005% non-linearity
  • Internal mV/V calibration of Model 9840
  • ICS-205 machine calibration software
  • Gold Standard interconnect cable assembly
  • CX-0440 ±4mV/V transfer standard
  • SIS-103 one-day training at Interface Inc.

MODEL 9840 SINGLE CHANNEL INTELLIGENT INDICATOR The Model 9840 Single Channel Indicator has an Internal Resolution of 24-bits and 0.005% non-linearity which is connected to the computer through a USB interface.

SOFTWARE The software compares the 9840 to the readings from the test machine and determines whether machine complies with applicable standard for each data point taken.

CX-0440 TRANSFER STANDARD SIMULATOR The CX-0440 is the highest accuracy load cell simulator in the world and is used to calibrate the 9840. This calibration can be performed in the field without the need to send the equipment to a laboratory. It is also useful as a quick check of the system in the field.

MODEL 1600 GOLD STANDARD LOAD CELLS The 1600 Gold Standard has exceptional performance for repeatability, reproducibility, creep, and extraneous load sensitivity.

OPERATION: TEST MACHINE CALIBRATION The Gold Standard load cell is installed in the test machine. The test points and the number of runs are selected in software. The system automatically records the values from the Gold Standard load cell and 9840 while test machine readings are entered manually by the operator as loads are applied. At conclusion of the test the system displays the results and compares them to the E4 or ISO7500 standard.

International System of Units (SI) dimensions and capacities are provided for conversion only. Standard products have U.S. capacities and dimensions. SI capacities available upon special request and at an additional cost.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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