Interface Calibration Equipment Selection Guide

Interface is your comprehensive solution provider for all your calibration equipment needs. The new Interface Calibration Equipment Guide is designed to help you quickly navigate the available calibration equipment. It’s a powerful tool that will guide you to the appropriate calibration equipment.

Interface has been a trusted name in measurement technology since 1968, synonymous with premium accuracy, reliability, and performance. Our commitment to quality is evident in the Gold Standard and Platinum Standard Calibration Grade products used by leading engineers and calibration experts worldwide.

Our extensive range of calibration equipment includes industry-leading calibration grade load cells, calibration adapters, jam nuts, thread adapters, verification frames, portable calibration systems, and calibration system load frames.

TIP: Use the new Interface Calibration Equipment Guide to review calibration-grade options.

Unmatched Precision in Calibration

Interface offers a comprehensive suite of calibration solutions, exceeding the reputation of just our exceptional load cells. We deliver a wide range of ASTM E74-compliant calibration equipment, including:

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond standard offerings. Gold Standard and Platinum Standard products are meticulously crafted for superior performance. Additional strain gages achieve enhanced performance and higher tolerance. Each sensor undergoes intensive testing at 30 points and three positions to establish a coefficient, enabling even more precise calibration using our Gold Standard Calibration Systems. Read: Interface Defines the Gold Standard in Calibration Systems

Interface provides a complete calibration ecosystem, ensuring trust and confidence in your measurements. Explore the Interface Calibration Equipment Guide to find the perfect solution.

Interface Product Selection, Technical, and System Guides Make Finding Solutions Easy

Interface offers a comprehensive suite of measurement products, and our Interface Guides are designed to make navigating them a breeze. This series of online resources provides in-depth information on all the options within our robust catalog, empowering you to find the perfect solution for your specific needs.


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  • 101 Series Guide Go
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  • Load Cell Field Guide Free Download
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Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or just starting, Interface Guides is your one-stop shop for navigating our extensive product range. With clear explanations, detailed specifications, and pre-configured systems, you’ll find everything you need to make informed choices and achieve accurate, reliable measurements.

Start exploring the Interface Guides today and unlock the full potential of your measurement projects!


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