Interface Load Cell Field Guide

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We are making available our quintessential Interface Load Cell Field Guide to those that have an interest in or are using force measurement technologies.

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This instructional guide is an informative reference, written by pioneers in force measurement and load cell design. Started by our founder Richard F. Caris more than five decades ago, Interface has manufactured millions of force measurement sensors used by global industry leaders in aerospace, medical, energy, automotive, entertainment, infrastructure, industrial automation, maritime, education and in test & measurement labs.

This is a must have technical book is written for product designers, engineers, inventors, and metrologists that want to learn about load cell basics.

Whether you are evaluating the force with sensors used in robotics or need to measure the thrust of a rocket engine, Interface load cells and sensor solutions play a vital role in advancing products and measuring performance.

On behalf of Interface, we are sharing this guide to help you learn more about the science of measurement and why Interface load cells are the industry standard based on quality, accuracy, and performance.

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