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Parachute Deployment and Deceleration Testing

Customer Need / Challenge

  • Spacecraft landing on a lunar or planetary surface require parachutes to deploy at high speeds under high loads.
  • For example, NASA tested the Mars Science Laboratory parachute in an 80x120-foot wind tunnel at 80 mph speeds and loads up to 85,000 pounds.



Interface Solution

  • A 1000-series fatigue-rated LowProfile™ load cells with eccentric load compensation is employed to sustain and measure high loads with 300% overload protection.


  • Load cells ensure accurate measurement of applied loads during parachute deployment testing.
  • Multiple tests allow engineers to test various parachute packing techniques.


See how this was accomplished using an Interface 1000 Series Fatigue-Rated LowProfile™ Load Cell and an SGA Signal Conditioner or a JB104SS Stainless Steel Junction Box.

Download the Application Note below.

Parachute Testing App Note.pdf