Top Interface Solutions and Application Notes in 2022

In an effort to share how engineers, product designers, manufacturers, and test & measurement professionals utilize our force measurement technologies, we detail use cases through application notes, industry solutions overviews, and case studies grouped by solutions. Interface provides several solution categories on our website based on industry-specific use cases of our products and services.

When Interface refers to industry solutions, we are detailing products, services, and technologies that are designed and targeted for use in a particular industry and related submarkets. Most of Interface standard force measurement products are universal to test and measurement; however, our team designs specific products are tailored to industry-specific use. These solutions meet the unique needs and challenges of that industry, and include a range of products, including load cells, torque transducers, multi-axis sensors, instrumentation, miniature load cells and accessories.

Interface’s industry solutions help to provide use cases, also referred to as application notes, for standard, engineered to order and custom solutions. They differ in use, from basic testing rig applications to complex OEM solutions that embed sensors into components.

Interface currently focuses on providing supporting solutions content for 13 industries and three additional supporting solution categories of Custom Solutions, Original Equipment Manufacturer Solutions and Global Solutions that are universal across all industries.

How did these solutions rank by interest in 2022?  Custom Solutions is the most frequently visited on our website. Here is a quick recap of the industry solutions.


  1. Test & Measurement Solutions
  2. Aerospace and Defense Solutions
  3. Industrial Automation Solutions
  4. Automotive and Vehicle Solutions
  5. Medical and Healthcare Solutions
  6. Energy Solutions
  7. Agriculture Solutions
  8. Maritime Solutions
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
  10. Infrastructure Solutions
  11. Education Solutions
  12. Consumer Product Solutions
  13. Entertainment Solutions

All Industry Solutions brochures are available here.

This year we added a unique way to view products that are industry-specific on our Interface YouTube Channel Solutions Playlist. Here is an example of one of our videos, Interface Solutions for Test & Measurement.

If you visit Interface Solutions online, you will find an industry overview that highlights commonly used products and applications. In each of the industry solutions, we detail a series of specific use cases that are shared with us. We call these Interface Application Notes. In fact, you can get an entire catalog of our application notes here.

What are Interface application notes? We use these technical documents to provide information about how to use a specific product or technology in a particular application. Our team of application engineers help us detail representation of the numerous applications with information about the challenge, the Interface solution and the results. Application notes can be useful resources for engineers, technicians, and other technical professionals who are looking for information about how to use a particular product or technology in their work.

Interface Application Note for Entertainment Industry Animatronics

2022 Top Application Notes

We also create a series of animated application notes that highlight a more visually detailed use case available on our Interface YouTube Channel Animated Application Notes Playlist.  Here are a couple of our favorites.

If you need help with defining which products are the right fit for your specific application, please contact our experts. We are here to help!