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INDUSTRIES: Industrial Automation


Customer Need / Challenge
Over-tightening bolts during installation can cause damage to the objects being installed.

Interface Solution
Using Interface’s LWCF Load Washers along with Interface Instrumentation can provide a solution that monitors the force being applied during bolt tightening.

Bolts are tightened to the correct force targets and objects are installed undamaged.

  • LWCF Load Washer
  • INF-USB3 PC Interface Module which comes with logging and graphing software
  • Customer supplied bolt and nut
  1. Model LWCF Load Washer is installed between the bolt head and nut. The load washer will measure the load as torque is applied to the nut.
  2. Using Model INF-USB3 PC Module, force readings from the load cell will be displayed, logged, and graphed directly into the PC.