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INDUSTRIES: Automotive and Vehicle, Test and Measurement


Customer Need / Challenge
The customer needs to measure the torque and the speed (RPM) produced by an engine and calculate it simultaneously.

Interface Solution
The Interface AxialTQ Wireless Rotary Torque Measurement System was developed in direct collaboration with over 30 end-users who shared their wish-lists for operational priorities, user interface, design, features, real-world field issues and more.

The Interface AxialTQ Wireless Rotary Torque Measurement System accurately and simultaneously measured and calculated the torque and rotational speed (RPM) of the engine in real-time while collecting the data.

  • AxialTQ Wireless Rotary Torque Transducer
  • AxialTQ Output Module
  • Customer PC running AxialTQ Assistant Software

The AxialTQ rotor senses the torque with a high precision sensing element and strain gages. The electrical output is converted from an analog to a digital signal in the rotor. The high accuracy of the system is based on this combination of the proven sensing element technology with next generation electronics to provide the highest quality torque measurement available in the industry.