Silo and Tank Measurement Solutions

Interface provides testing sensors, weighing devices, and force measurement solutions used for tanks, silos, and industrial storage containers in several industries, including agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing, natural resource management, and energy.

Silos are primarily in agriculture and bulk material handling. Tanks are used to store water, chemicals, oil, and gas. The oil and gas sector, along with water treatment and chemical storage, are the largest users of tanks, as well as transportation. Industrial storage containers are used across pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical sectors.

Our products are often used for structural testing, weighing, distribution, and capacity monitoring for silos, tanks, vessels, and storage containers. This includes indoor, outdoor, and moveable containers. Stricter environmental regulations and safety standards push industries to invest in high-quality storage solutions.

Load cells are invaluable tools for silos and tanks, providing accurate and reliable force and weight measurements. The benefits of implementing precision measurement systems for testing and monitoring include improved accuracy, real-time data, reduced waste, enhanced safety, and cost savings. Investing in these technologies is a step towards greater efficiency and operational excellence.

There are a few ways that load cells are used for silos and tanks. The first is material selection. Innovations in materials and construction technologies are enhancing the efficiency and durability of storage containers. Load cells are used in raw material testing to ensure the material that will be used for the tank or silo can withstand the weight and types of material within the structure.

Another test type that uses force measurement solutions is center of gravity testing. The CoG is important for balance and structural integrity, especially in tank weighing. identifying the center of gravity is important in optimizing weight distribution.

In addition to testing structures, silos, containers, and tanks need to be monitored to ensure everyday use and the environment haven’t damaged their ability to withstand use and exposure. This can be solved through wireless sensors built into the structure’s base to monitor weight and change in weight distribution in real-time and over longer periods.

Silo Monitoring and Weighing

Our customer wanted to weigh and monitor the content inside their silo. Using A4200 and A4600 WeighCheck™ Load Cells, paired with a 1280 Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller, the customer was able to monitor the amount of content by weight in their silo. The customer was provided a customizable solution to monitor and weigh their silo with Interface, Inc.’s load cells and instrumentation. Results from the 1280 Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller were sent to the customer’s control center. Learn more here.

Mining Tank and Storage Container Weighing

A mining tank needs to be weighed during mining operations to maintain the quality of the mining processes. The weight must be monitored and controlled during mixing, dosing, or blending different materials. Interface suggests using Interface’s WSSCLC-Mount Weighing Assembly Load Cells paired with a 1280 Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller. The customer can monitor the amount of content by weight in the mining tank. This system precisely measures the amount of material added or removed during operations. Read more about mining tank and storage weighing solutions here.

Vessel Weighing

Vessel weighing refers to measuring the weight of vessels, containers, or storage tanks. An accurate weighing system is needed for safety, quality control, and optimizing various operations processes. Interface’s A4200 and A4600 WeighCheck™ Load Cells are installed under the vessel. The vessel’s contents are weighed, and the results are summed and displayed using the 1280 Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller.  Learn more here.

Silo Grain Dispensing

A silo was returning grain into a dispensing container. The customer wanted to measure and record the grain being put in and out of their grain dispensing container as it dispensed content into a carrier truck for transportation. The customer also preferred a wireless solution. Interface suggested a wireless solution by installing WTS 1200 Standard Precision LowProfile™ Wireless Load Cells at the legs of the grain dispensing container. The 1200 model load cells measured the grain’s distribution correlation as inputted and outputted from the container. Results were transmitted and displayed using the WTS-BS-1-HA Handheld Display for multiple transmitters and logged and graphed using the WTS-BS-4 USB Industrial Base Station. Using this solution, the customer was able to log and graph the measurement results of the grain content that the silo dispenses into the grain dispensing container and also when the grain is dispensed into the carrier truck. Read Silo Grain Dispensing

Tank Weighing and Center of Gravity

Interface’s customer needed to monitor the amount of material in a tank by weight and locate the center of gravity using A4200 and A4600 WeighCheck™ Load Cells, paired with a 1280 Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller. Interface provided a solution that monitors the amount of material by weight in their tank while locating the CoG. The tank weights are monitored so refilling, dispensing, or emptying occurs safely while monitoring the center of gravity. Learn more about CoG solutions.

Industrial Container Weighing

A waste management company wants to measure the capacity of its waste containers to determine when it is time to dispose of them. A wireless system is also preferred for recording the force results. Interface’s Model WTS 1200 Standard Precision LowProfile™ Wireless Load Cells can be installed at the bottom of each waste container leg to measure the sum weight of the container. The data is transmitted to the WTS-BS-4 USB Industrial Base Station with the supplied Log100 software. Go here for more details.

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