Faces of Interface Featuring Jay Bradley

It is not often that we have a team member we are highlighting that has both engineering and musical talent. That sums up our next feature of the multi-talented Jay Bradley. He is Interface Engineer by day and rockstar by night.

Jay discovered his passion for music and engineering at a young age. He could often be found taking apart and tinkering with amplifiers for his guitar. “Anything that was given to me as a kid that included moving parts or electronics was disassembled pretty quickly,” said Jay.

After high school, Jay joined the United States Air Force. During his time in the service, he began to realize that he was destined for a career in engineering. Jay worked on a number of projects that were, in his words, “very cool,” involving the operation and development of classified electronic warfare equipment. This job went on for several years after his service because he continued to work with the U.S. Air Force as a contractor.

Upon leaving contracting, Jay started working for Microwave Systems Engineering, manufacturers of RF devices such as downconverters and microwave amplifiers. The knowledge and experience he gained in this field helped him to land a job at Honeywell, where he became immersed in navigation-related RF engineering. Before joining Interface, he worked for 10 years at Osmonics and Instrulink specializing in PH and conductivity sensors.

Today, Jay enjoys his career as an electrical engineer at Interface. He started at the force measurement solutions company designing amplifiers, a familiar field, where he applied his knowledge specifically for load cells. He worked his way up the ladder and is currently a lead designer on many of the products Interface makes today.

As a part of his responsibility for designing products, Jay works closely with customers to understand their technological challenges.

“The work I enjoy the most involves solving specific and complex pain points customers are experiencing.” Jay Bradley

A recent example of this type of work came with the development of one of Interface’s latest innovations, AxialTQ. This product was a direct result of customer feedback, mixed with Interface’s continuous drive to innovate.

Another aspect of Jay’s position with Interface that he enjoys is leading a group of engineers.

“My approach to leading these individuals is getting out of their way. I know that the engineers at Interface are incredibly talented, and it’s my job is to facilitate a work environment that is based on communication, supporting one another and allowing smart people to do what they do best without micro-management.” Jay Bradley

To satisfy his inner “rockstar,” Jay can be found jamming with his buddies in a garage band or tinkering with amplifiers to get the sound right. He has carried this passion with him throughout his life. Another creative outlet that Bradley has enjoyed since he was a teenager is photography. To this day, he shares these activities with his wife Ginny and three children. Rock on Jay!