Making Interface Load Cells USB Compatible

Interface offers a diverse line of instrumentation and accessories to use with our load cells for simple testing use cases, as well as for complex multiple sensor applications.

Depending on the use case and application requirements, the variety of instrumentation solutions we offer are broad. Typical questions we ask to define your user requirements include, are you using for a single device or do you need a solution for multiple components connected to the same instrumentation? How many channels will you need? Will you require software?

One of the most important questions when selecting a new measurement device is to determine what you are connecting it to in order to evaluate the output data and measurements.

The types of instrumentation that Interface offers include:

  • Signal Conditioners
  • Indicators
  • Data Acquisition
  • Portable Load Cell Indicators
  • Weight Indicators
  • Junction Boxes
  • USB Interfaces
  • TEDS Ready
  • Wireless and Bluetooth Telemetry Systems

We highlighted the various types of instrumentation in our webinar, Instructional on Instrumentation, which you can watch online here.

A popular type of digital instrumentation from Interface are our USB Interface Module products. This type of product enables the ability to collect, send, and view data from a transducer via a connected computer. Each USB module we offer is provided with software. It features full synchronization of all measuring channels and has many input ranges and sensor type options.  It is used for mV/V, strain gage and high-level inputs.

The benefits of a USB Interface module are that it makes any load cell USB compatible. It is easy to use and has a simple GUI for collecting data. These modules work well for convenient testing and monitoring applications. The data provides immediate evaluation or collection for later research.

Model INF-USB3 PC Interface Module makes any Interface load cell USB compatible. This product provides an easy interface for collecting data from an Interface transducer directly into your computer. The system includes one output module and software.

See the INF-USB3 Product Overview in this video demonstration:

In our new webinar, Advancements in Instrumentation, we dive deeper into advantages, benefits and use cases for capturing data and secrets to pairing the right device with the right instrument.  You can register and watch all past Interface ForceLeaders webinars here.

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