Enabling A Look Way Beyond Yonder

Many know Interface is obsessed with space and space exploration. It’s in our company DNA. Going back to our founder, we see his passion and legacy through the adeptly named Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab at The University of Arizona.

As NASA revealed in the first photos from the James Webb Space Telescope, we have only just begun to explore the depths of space. It is one of the reasons we are celebrating with our fellow scientists, engineers, explorers, and innovators that have designed, tested and implemented the technologies that are being used by the JWST and in space exploration in general.

Our Interface team is extremely honored to play a role in helping open the world of space exploration. In fact, our scientists, engineers and technicians have been supplying aerospace companies with force measurement solutions that have been used for testing space vehicles, rockets, launch equipment, satellites and mirror equipment to give us all a glimpse into galaxies afar.

The Webb Telescope is something we know something about, as Interface helped deliver incredibly tight system level performance using our Interface Model 1800 Platinum Standard Calibration LowProfile Load Cells and 9840 Multi-Channel Load Cell Indicators many years ago. These products allowed the JW team to carefully monitor structural loads during initial assembly and fit verification. The satellite is designed with such specific load targets that the Earth’s normal gravity would cause structural failure when deployed. Our systems were used to monitor counteractive force setups to keep the system in an effective zero gravity state, as it would experience in space.

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