Powered by Interface Race Update from Brian Peters

What began as the Cannonball Run decades ago has evolved into the now a legal, sponsored, and officially sanctioned race known as One Lap of America. A car race that Interface’s Vice President of Sales Brian Peters is participating in this year.

Our own thrill seeker and known race driver has detailed some of the highlights, on the road as he participates in the 2021 Tire Rack One Lap of America presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.

Once a year, teams of drivers from all over the country join to run a week long, 3,500 plus mile event that takes entrants from race track to race track across the multiple days, with start and finish at The Tire Rack headquarters in South Bend Indiana. Competitors must drive their cars on the same set of tires for the entire week, with no support vehicles.

A typical day’s schedule will have morning and afternoon timed sessions, then an 8+ hour transit to be at the next race track in the morning. The road course timed sessions are standing start three lap total time, with no practice laps other than the out lap to stage at the start line. The event attracts all levels of automotive enthusiasts from weekend warriors to factory backed entries, to professional drivers.

“It’s been a fun and loud week of gas stations and race tracks. The days blend together and the week will be over before we know it.” – Brian Peters

The 36th running has an intense schedule reflected below, with most nightly transits sitting above 550 miles each day. You can follow along and watch videos of the event here.

5/1 The Tire Rack, South Bend Indiana – Wet skid pad

5/1 Grissom Air Reserve, Peru Indiana – Autocross

5/2 Memphis International Raceway, Memphis Tennessee – Road course, drag racing

5/3 Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur Texas – Road course

5/4 NOLA Motorsports Park, Avondale Louisiana – Road course

5/5 Atlanta Motorsports Park, Dawsonville Georgia – Road course

5/5 Lanier Raceplex, Winder Georgia – 3/8 mile oval

5/6 Summit Point Motorsports Park, Summit Point West Virginia – Road course

5/7 GingerMan Raceway, South Haven Michigan – Road course

5/8 The Tire Rack, South Bend Indiana – Dry skid pad

The car #23 SGT-1 BB, being run by Brian Peters and John Hogan, is a modified 2017 Chevrolet Grand Sport Corvette with engine, brake, suspension and safety modifications. Power is up roughly 60% over stock. This year has brought a few wet events and transits with heavy rain and storms.

The final results are in and we want to congratulate Brian and John for a remarkable race. They finished in the 11th position of 72 teams!

Here are a few highlights from the team as they race around America.