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The creation of this instructional guide was driven by a statement in Interface’s mission to always go above and beyond. We believe this informative reference is a helpful resource from the company that is recognized as pioneers in force measurement and load cell design and manufacturing.

Our team of the most innovative load cell engineer’s best understand their design, capabilities, multitude of uses, and capacities. They are eager to share their knowledge and collective expertise to help other engineers and designers with load cell fundamentals to help make better force measurement decisions.

The Interface Load Cell Field Guide was first published in 2014. As a result, we have heard how much the book helps fellow engineers around the world learn about the intricacies of load cell design and about some of the many applications of load cells in force measurement. In our new edition, we updated essential information to provide more value to load cell users and force measurement enthusiasts.

Interface has been designing and manufacturing load cells since our founding in 1968. We are extremely proud of our history and our products. As we move into our 2nd 50, we continue our commitment to provide the absolute best in force measurement solutions.

We know our customers rely on our products to make their products perform at their best. Our purpose is to enable innovation across all industries. Innovation that improves people’s lives and keeps them safe.

This means quality in products and production are cornerstones for our business. Interface is an integrated manufacturing operation. Whether we are making standard off the shelf Interface LowProfile load cells, modified minis, or our custom designed torque or wireless solutions, we control the process from the initial customer quote until the products ship out the door. We believe that beyond a great design, the process and control of the process are what enables a load cell to have the accuracy and dependability of an Interface Load Cell.

The load cell starts in our factory as a raw piece of steel, aluminum, or other metal that is then machined, gaged, wired, finished, and finally calibrated. As you can understand from this book, strain gages are what make a load cell a load cell. How they are made and how they are handled is critical to the operation and accuracy of a load cell. That is why we chose to be one of the only load cell companies in the world that manufactures its own strain gages.