Interface Celebrates Engineers

This week we are celebrating National Engineers Week at Interface. E-Week is an annual event first celebrated in 1951, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the engineering profession and the contributions that engineers make in the world.

Engineers Week matters to Interface. We have multiple types of engineers throughout our company that provide critical expertise, including application and custom solution engineers, product engineers, electrical and design engineers, and our manufacturing engineers. They are all, collectively and individually, are vital in helping to define, create, build, and deliver world-class force measurement solutions. We profile many of Interface engineers in our monthly ForceLeaders series.

E-Week matters because every day we work with incredible engineers around the world. We recognize the contributions of these engineers from diverse backgrounds throughout all types of industries. Fortunately, we get to interact with many engineers from companies to help solve critical challenges, improve testing capabilities, confirm new product designs, and discover advancements in their area of expertise with the ability to measure with accuracy.

There are many different engineers that come to Interface for different force measurement solutions, including:

  • Product engineers who are responsible for the design and development of products, from concept to final production. They depend on Interface for solutions used in the testing and validation of the product. Read more in Why Product Design Engineers Choose Interface.
  • Civil engineers who design, construct, and maintain infrastructure such as roads, bridges, buildings, and water and sewage systems. Read Why Civil Engineers Prefer Interface Products
  • Mechanical engineers who design and develop machinery, equipment, and products, such as engines, turbines, and tools.
  • Electrical engineers that work with electronics, power systems, and electrical equipment, designing and developing electrical systems that power devices and machines.
  • Aerospace engineers that design and develop aircraft, spacecraft, and other related systems used to explore the galaxies. Here are some examples of aerospace solutions.
  • Environmental engineers who work on projects related to environmental protection, such as air and water pollution control, waste management, and sustainable development.
  • Materials engineers who work with materials in testing materials, developing new materials, and improving existing ones.
  • Biomedical engineers who work on projects related to healthcare, designing, and developing medical devices and equipment, such as prosthetics and imaging systems.
  • Quality engineers who ensure that products meet the required quality standards using testing methods to identify and resolve quality issues. Quality engineers use Interface product to monitor production processes. Find out more here, Quality Engineers Require Accurate Force Measurement Solutions.

We see what you do, and it’s worth celebrating! Interface is fortunate to collaborate and supply engineers working in a wide variety of industries and for a diverse range of companies, both large and small. We benefit through learning how to best help engineers in industries, that include:

Aerospace and Defense: Companies in this industry develop and manufacture aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and other defense-related products.
Automotive: Companies in this industry design, develop, and manufacture vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles.
Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: Companies in this industry develop and manufacture drugs, medical devices, and other healthcare-related products.
Construction: Companies in this industry design and build infrastructure, including buildings, bridges, and roads.
Electronics and Semiconductors: Companies in this industry design, develop, and manufacture electronic products, including computers, smartphones, and other consumer electronics.
Energy: Companies in this industry produce and distribute energy, including oil and gas, renewable energy, and nuclear energy.
Manufacturing: Companies in this industry produce a wide variety of products, including consumer goods, industrial equipment, and machinery.

Interface is heavily reliant on the skills and experience of our own engineers. We celebrate our team members, our partners, our customers, and those that are benefitting from the advancements engineers make every day to our society. Happy E-Week!