Most Popular Interface Support Resources in 2022

In our continued effort to ensure we fulfill the growing demands for products and solutions that meet the needs of challenging and innovative applications, we produced a record number of new support resources and material in 2022. We know that the more we share, the more we empower our customers to find the right products that meet their exact requirements.

In our final recap of 2022, we want to share with you the most frequented and utilized resources found on our website this past year. We also think this will be helpful to bookmark for future reference to easily navigate these commonly used tools and requested pages on the vast Interface website. The following is the top 10 resources used by our test and measurement customers.

Top 10 Interface Resources in 2022

2022 Top ForceLeaders Webinars On-Demand

You can find all of Interface’s recorded webinars, product videos, training support and application videos posted here.

New Resources Added in 2022

Supporting you is a top priority. Interface experts and application engineers are ready to help you, if you are unable to find exactly what you need. Interface has global technical experts available to assist you with your product requirements, systems, support, and questions. Here are a few other commonly used resources you can find online.

“2022 was a record year in many ways for Interface, now in our 55th year of serving the needs for precision sensor customers. We are incredibly grateful for the trust our customers placed in us to support them in creating the world’s most demanding applications, and we are appreciative to our team for their continued hard work and dedication. We look forward to another momentous year in 2023.” Greg Adams, CEO at Interface

Ultimate BlueDAQ Software Guide for Interface Instrumentation

In the new online resource center for BlueDAQ Software, Interface provides helpful instructional guides, video demonstrations, user tips and feature details about the popular software often used with various Interface Instrumentation solutions.

Interface provides various instrumentation products, as highlighted in our Instrumentation Selection Guide, for scale input/output, force and moment value calculation, graphing, logging, and display that are compatible with the BlueDAQ Software.

The BlueDAQ Software contains modules for stress analysis with strain gages. It is designed to be used for multiple axis and multi-component force torque sensors. A benefit is the long-term data acquisition decimation at run time.

BlueDAQ Software is used for configuration of measuring amplifiers, recording of measurement data, playback and export of recorded data and read-out dataloggers for Interface Instrumentation models 9330 and BX6-BT.  You can see a complete instrumentation comparison guide to determine the model that works best with the software requirement needed for a project or lab.

The BlueDAQ software is commonly used with the following Interface Instrumentation Models:

The software and drivers are available for download, at no cost.  Visit the BlueDAQ resource center for quick access.

Instrumentation paired with the right software extends the value of test and measurement projects and work in the lab. As noted in our our recent Advancements in Instrumentation webinar, expectations for how data is viewable, stored and retrievable for detailed analysis is critical. This is confirmed in the recent report on trends in data management for sensor products, which includes:

  • Mathscripting
  • Real-time data manipulation versus post process
  • Remote access to equipment and results
  • Transmission to the cloud and data security
  • Alerts, notifications, automated reports
  • Advanced triggering and logging
  • Mixed and expanding communication protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, EtherCAT and ethernet, Wi-Fi, 5G

You can watch product and software demonstration videos and review compatible and comparative instrumentation options that come with BlueDAQ software.

BlueDAQ Software Brochure