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INDUSTRIES: Medical and Healthcare


Customer Need / Challenge

Customer wants to examine different types of vascular clamps to see which types will generate the best clamping force of surgery.

Interface Solution

Interface Model 9330 High Speed Data Logging Indicator and Model LBS Load Cell were used to record the force measurements of these different clamps.


Customer was able to compare three different types of clamps and determine the best one to use during surgery.

  • Model 9330 High Speed Data Logging Indicator
  • Model LBS Miniature Compression Load Button Load Cell
  • Vascular clamps
  • Load cell mounting hardware
    1. Model LBS is mounted to the jaw of the vascular clamp (this will require customer supplied fixtures).
    2. Model 9330 High Speed Data Logging Indicator is connected to Model LBS Load cell.
    3. Customer performs required tests and data is stored to SD card (can be stored directly to PC as well).
    4. Customer downloads logging information from SD card to PC (if not directly logged to PC).
    5. Customer evaluates results by reviewing logged data using a PC computer.