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Customer Need / Challenge

It is important to monitor the amount of material in a medical bag. Medical staff needs to know if a medical bag is empty or if the dispensing tubes are blocked. Force measurements can track this.

Interface Solution

Using Interface Model MB Miniature Beam or MBP Miniature Beam with built-in overload protection combined with Interface instrumentation, force readings can be captured, displayed and stored for this need.


Health Professionals can review and monitor medical bag weights to ensure medicine is properly dispensed and bag is replaced when empty.



Interface Products

  • Model MB Miniature Beam Load Cell
  • Model 9860 High Speed Digital Indicator

Alternative Configuration

  • Load cell interconnect cables
  • Setup and scaling of instrument
  • Bag hanging hardware
  • PC laptop with 9860 data logging software

Alternative Configurtion

  • Model MBP Miniature Beam Overload Protected Load Cell
  • Model INF-USB2 PC Interface Module
  • Model 9320 Battery Powered Hand-Held Indicator
  • Model SGA AC/DC Powered Signal Conditioner
  1. Model MP or MBP Miniature Beam Load Cells are installed between the medical bag and support structure. The load cell will measure the medical bag weight that is hanging from it.
  2. Using Model 9860 High Speed Digital Indicator, weight readings will display on a local indicator and can trigger open collector outputs to sound alarms or stop machines as needed.
  3. Using Model INF-USB2 PC Interface Module, weight readings from the load cell will be displayed, logged and graphed directly into a PC.
  4. Using Model 9320 Battery Powered Hand Held Indicator, weight readings will display on a local indicator.
  5. Using Model SGA AC/DC Powered Signal Conditioner, weight readings can be converted to a ±5VDC, ±10VDC or 4-20mA Outputs for use with customer’s PLC and Data Acquisition System.